Friday, March 1, 2013

Row Along #12/ Sewing Baskets

While sewing with the Mesa quilt group
in just a few hours
I was able to put together all of my
Row 12/  Sewing Baskets
from Bee In My Bonnet's
 The sewing baskets were easy
(thanks to Lori's great tutorials)
and so fun to make!
Lori wrote that we are getting near the end of the Row Along 
and next Wednesday will reveal:
I will be able to give more information on the fabric amount needed
to complete the quilt so that you will have plenty of fabric purchasing and planning time:)
 I'm a little sad to think we might be coming to an end,
although I understand this quilt
can only be so big.
 It's been fun pawing through my scrap piles
every two weeks,
picking out color combinations in fabrics,
 and matching up little bits here and there.
And with each row, 
even my background fabrics are scrappy.
Now I'm just curious how we will be putting all
of these rows together.
Hopefully we will find out soon!


Sara said...

This Row Along has been fun to watch as you added each row. Love this little basket block!

The whole concept of row quilts just fascinates me. So I am excited to start a Row Robin project with my guild beginning this month.

Lori Holt said...

Love your sweet baskets Nedra!!!

Melissa said...

I know I'm a little slow...just started Lori's Row a Long. LOL. I couldn't resist after seeing how cute yours is turning out. I polished off 3 rows at the Mesquite retreat and will see if I can catch up...

Jana said...

Love your colors! Will be fun to see it all revealed soon!

Nanette Merrill said...

They are really cute. I haven't made my baskets yet. I need to get this blog along over with firs.

Nat Palaskas said...

Almost missed this one. Love love the baskets roll. Sweet color as well - hugs Nat