Friday, February 28, 2014

A Basket of Marigold's Quilt Finish

 I've finished making my
A Basket of Marigold's
50" X 50"
This really was a fun (and easy!) one to work on.
Pattern by Jodi Nelson
 I will be teaching this as a class at
on Saturday June 28th 
The new class schedule is just getting ready to
be posted, so there is still  plenty
of room for sign ups :)
If you would like to make this quilt
in the very exact same fabrics
3 Dudes is putting them into kits.
This quilt just says Spring!
If you would like to see
Basket of Marigolds 
up close
I will be delivering it
to 3 Dudes next week 
to be hung in their store as a 
class sample.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Those Mesa Ladies/February

Yesterday was my favorite day of the month.
A day spent quilting with 
Those Mesa Ladies
Peg brought her
St. Patrick's Day quilt
Peg designed this one herself.
Several ladies in the group work each month 
putting blocks together from
Lori Holt's book Quilty Fun
Peg has a good start on her rows.
Such a beautifully designed book.
Vicki was working on the Flying Geese
Chubby Chevrons
from Lori's book.
Jamie was assembling a snowball quilt.
Pattern: Spice Cake by Mary's Cottage Quilts
And the ladies, once again,
outdid themselves by
treating us to a delicious lunch.
We meet each month at our church
and they always are so good about bringing in decorations
and wonderful food
in celebration of the upcoming holidays.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inter-pre-nating Quilts

 The other day I was sitting around a table
with a group of friends
and one of them said, describing another
"She is really good at Interprenating quilts"
My friend laughed at her own faux pas
stating "I don't think that is a real word."
but we all knew immediately what she meant.
Do you?
 The reason she might have wondered if 
is a real word 
comes from our experience of constantly learning new
Quilt Lingo
Sometimes it can make your head spin.
I can remember the setting and where I was 
when I first learned the meaning of the words
Fussy Cut
In Linguistics, new words are regularly being formed 
all the time, and as quilters
we like keep up with current trends.
A Portmanteau word or Blend Word
is formed by merging the sounds and meanings
of two or more words.
Sharknado (Shark +Tornado)
Infomercial (Information + Commercial)
Brangelina (Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie)
So if you are good at
Interpreting quilts and Communicating pattern design
you just might be an
So, I ask you, is Inter-pre-nating a real word?
If used often enough, it can become one!
(Although I might have to run this idea past our daughter Elizabeth
who has a degree in Linguistics)
But for now,
I think I need to get busy and start
interprenating a few more quilts.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Tone It Down Quilts

Have you read about 
all of the wonderful quilts being made
as part of 
Lissa Alexander's (modalissa blogspot)
Tone It Down
Quilt Along ?
Lissa gathered 9 top Designers
each with the challenge
to make her version of 
Burgoyne Surround
using their own fabric variations.
I fell in love with Lissa's quilt
using Scrappy *Low Volume fabrics
for the background.
*small to medium light toned background prints
 I rarely buy quilt magazines anymore
but this one came home immediately.
American Patchwork and Quilting
Feb 2014 issue
contains all of the instructions for making
Tone It Down
and how to join the Quilt Along
Two of my fellow Bees Knees ladies
were part of the Designer line up.
My friend Sherri McConnell (A Quilting Life)
also made a fabulous Scrappy Low Volume version.
These colors make me want to run right out 
and buy more low volume backgrounds
to add to my stash.
And fellow Bees Knees member
made hers out of a more traditional
red and scrappy creams.
A completely different look.
But, one that really made me realize how
individual a quilt can be
simply through fabric selection 
was made by
Jane Davidson (Quilt Jane)
By placing contrasting fabrics in different positions
she created an entirely new look.
There are good reasons these ladies are top designers!
I am seeing entire 
Pinterest Boards 
and a flickr Group
being devoted to 
Tone It Down
as this quilt gains in popularity.
My only hard choice is which type should I make?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Science Fair Quilt

 Jeff Carr
has made a quilt that 
my eye was really drawn to.
Floating hexagons
in the most wonderful fabrics.
by Jaybird Quilts
 Fabric line
Soho by Quilting Treasures
 Fabric and pattern available at
Science Fair uses the
Hex N More Ruler
by Julie Herman
also available at 3 Dudes

Saturday, February 22, 2014

St. Patrick's Day at 3 Dudes

There is a common Irish saying:
"If you are lucky enough to be Irish,
then you're lucky enough."
I'm sure the 3 Dudes would agree.
 Being Irish, both Ray and Jeff 
love St. Patrick's Day
and have been busy decorating their store.
 Fabrics covered in 
Kiss Me I'm Irish
are available for purchase.
You will find 3 Irish Dudes to welcome you 
at the front door.
 And 3 more Irish Dudes 
to greet you 
right as you enter the store.
A true Irish Welcome
Another Irish saying:
"A good laugh and a
long sleep are the two best cures."
Motivation to make more quilts :)
is located at
5053 E. Elliot Rd
Phoenix, Arizona

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Sewing Machine Song

Betty Hutton 1947 
from the movie The Perils of Pauline
The Sewing Machine Song
Too funny!
It certainly made me wonder
how many lives would
"come to a no good end"
if it wasn't for our sewing machines.
I can only speak personally,
but I am well aware
my machine has provided years of 
calming therapy :)
*Wouldn't this song be fun to sing at Quilt Retreats?
Ohhh the sewing machine, the sewing machine
A girl's best friend
If I didn't have my sewing machine
I'd a come to no good end
But a bobbin a bobbin and peddle a peddle
And wheel the wheel by day
So by night I feel so weary that I never get out to play

Ohhh the sewing machine, the sewing machine
A friend in need
If I didn't having my sewing machine
A wicked life I'd lead
But a bobbin a bobbin and peddle a peddle
And dream about romance
So by night I feel so weary that I never get out to dance

Ohhh the sewing machine, the sewing machine
Me pride and joy
If I didn't having me sewing machine
I'd a married James McCoy
But a bobbin a bobbin and peddle a peddle
And that's the end of Jim
'Cause by night I get so weary I don't even look good to him

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wagons West Designs

The other day while I was sewing at 3 Dudes
Martha Walker of
walked in 
to display a few of her new quilts.
She was kind enough to let me take pictures
to share with you.
Martha is known for her
Elegant Vintage Style
in quilts, wool applique and fabric design.
Breakfast Tea
39 1/2" X 48 1/4"
Made from Martha's latest fabric design
with Studio e
 Martha recently had a booth at 
and her husband dressed up as 
Sherlock Holmes to help promote
her latest fabric line Elementary
Wish I had taken a picture because he
looked great
complete with cape and
Deerstalker Hat
 The back is made from
a one piece wholecloth
 Bats In The Barn
16" X 20"
 Basket Quartet
68" X 68"
 Free PDF pattern can be downloaded
from Studio e
 It was really nice to meet Martha and to get to know
her a little better.
Martha lives here in the Phoenix Metro.
Patterns are available for purchase