Monday, March 31, 2014

Forest Aglow Quilt

 We were so busy working our booth
at the AQG Show
I didn't have much time to view the quilts.
With just a few minutes to run up and down the aisles
I did spot one, a miniature, that was quite impressive.
 Forest Aglow
by Julie Mossier
Julie wrote:
"I enjoy the challenge of working small.
This little quilt is paper pieced and has 
over 1,200 pieces in it."
I can't imagine the patience (and eye sight!) this took.
If you look closely
you can see little crystal beads
glimmering at the tops of the purple sections.
 Julie said her inspiration came from
Tree Dimensional pattern
14 1/2" X 17"
by George Siciliano 
which contains 2,201 pieces.
Oh. my.
Tree Dimensional 
is a variation of a Log Cabin block
and can be ordered 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Charming Log Cabin Quilt

 During our sew day with
Those Mesa Ladies
Holly shared her latest finish
just back from the quilter.
Charming Log Cabin
66" X 88"
pattern by Gina Halladay of  Threaded Pear
 A very fast and easy pattern
(Can be made in 4 hours)
 that lets you
showcase beautiful fabrics.
I've seen this quilt made up in several color ways
and it's always a hit.
 Holly took her quilt to 
Pat Roche (Pat's Just Quilting)
for the longarm work
Amazing job!
 This print was the focus fabric
and Pat even quilted in gear shifts, mechanical wheels and keys.
A great "Guy" kind of quilt.
The top can be scalloped (or not)

Charming Log Cabin 
can be purchased from Threaded Pear

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Those Mesa Ladies/ March

A happy day this last week
hanging out with those wonderful
Mesa Ladies
Several in the group are working together
to make 
The Row Along Quilt
from Lori Holt's book
Don't you just LOVE Peg's bright happy
green and pink Bumble Bee?
Seriously, these are the nicest ladies ever.
They all live in the same neighborhood
have been the best of friends for years and years.
Vicki, Amanda and Steph
Stephanie (Stuph From Steph) was working on binding
her version of
Beautifully quilted by Pat Roche (Pat's Just Quilting)
A little hard to see on the front....
...but can be  appreciated much better on the back.
Janet was using up scraps to make these lattice blocks.
And then once again the ladies 
outdid themselves by providing the 
most amazing lunch.
Renee made a To Die For (!) fresh Avocado/Pineapple Salsa
*I promise to get the recipe and share 
Peg brought her famous Lemon Bars
(don't you love that beautiful cake plate?)
And Renee made
Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips 
with a little added 
Chipotle Pepper that gave them
somewhat of a kick.
First I've ever tried chips this way
and let me tell you they were
Muy Bueno!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nine By Five Quilt

 It's always fun to see what others are sewing
during our 
Open Sew Day
Vicky was working on
Nine By Five
from a class taught
by Pat Graco
 Piano Key border will be coming
 A great way to use up scraps!
And I love the color pallet Vicky chose.
The black really ties in all of those brights
 Betty was also working on
a Nine By Five quilt
using a darker color pallet.
I think the ladies said they made
100 of these small 
9 Patch units :)

Nine By Five
was taught in Pat Graco's 
Scraps Are Us
*I believe this is an original pattern designed by Pat
For more information contact 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More From The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild

 The ideas continued to pour in Saturday from
The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild
Becca had this fun block up on the design wall.
I was immediately drawn to 
her wonderful fabrics and of course 
those Flying Geese
When we asked her what she was making
she said she was following an online
 These Boxy Pouches have been around for a while
but Bonnie gives the pattern a new Modern twist.
 Christy Fincher (Sew Much Like Mom)
brought a few of her latest projects
 Christy is hosting a Modern
demonstrating the
Piecelique Technique
invented by her mom Sharon Schamber
If you are interested in learning this technique, 
make sure to run over to Christy's blog.
It's not too late to join along.
And I love the colors and design of Christy's
Safari Cruise
She is one of the contributors for the
Safari Moon Blog Hop
using the fabric line by designer Frances Newcombe
for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A New Way To Cut Your Quilting Threads

 Quilters love to chain piece when ever possible.
But cutting all those little links of threads
can sometimes be a bother.
Recently Tracy shared with me this great little tip:
Instead of using scissors, she keeps a 
right by her machine
to quickly snip those threads.
Normally these handy little gadgets are used to 
cut wrapping paper
or to
open envelopes.
They can even curl ribbon.
 But, the Cutter can also double as a quilting notion.
With a quick little flick
those threads are cut.
 Because the cutting blade is not exposed
you don't  have to worry about safety.
 Gift Wrap Cutters are priced for around $4
and can be found in most grocery stores
or places like Walmart
and can also be ordered from

Monday, March 17, 2014

Danny's Heart Quilt

 Sooo much inspiration 
coming from the 
Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild on Saturday.
Danny Heyen (Mommy For Reals)
brought her finished 
King Sized
Heart Quilt
 300 Fabrics :) 
Fussy cut hearts
Sewn in Pieced Sections
Lots of partial seams
 Danny graphed the quilt out first before construction.
4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch blocks
Notice there is a Dark and Light Contrast
Some of the hearts are light with dark backgrounds
and other hearts are
dark with light backgrounds.
 And equally impressive is the fact that Danny just 
gave birth to a second daughter just a few months ago.
These young moms, with their busy schedules
continue to lead, especially in the Modern Quilting World.
 Danny also brought 
her Maple Leaf Quilt for Show and Tell
 In December our PMQG hosted a 
Low Volume/ Text Print Exchange
A great way to gather backgrounds 
for a scrappy quilt.
 One of the things I love about Modern Quilting 
is that they often take a Traditional Design
and bring it back to life with upscaled size and prints.
Beautifully done, Danny!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild/ March Meeting

 For our March Meeting with the 
Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild
we enjoyed a 
"Sew In"
Everyone brought their machines
and it was very interesting (and fun!) to see
what members of our group were working on.
Sue Hayman
was making the very popular 
Swoon Mini-blocks
by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms
 Love the color pallet and fabrics Sue is working with!
 Sue also brought a purse she recently finished.
 The back design
 Tracy was also making blocks 
that she renamed
 Tracy modified 
 the original Swoon block 
to create a less waste
and quicker to sew method
Notice Tracy's blocks have a pinwheel center:)
 Tracy was also making a Butterfly quilt
for a soon to be born grand daughter.
Tiny 4 1/2 inch blocks made from a 5 inch Charm Pack.
 Kirsten has been busy sewing 
a design also by Camille of Thimble Blossoms
Fabric line:
Voile by Anna Marie Horner
 The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild recently purchased 
a large portable design wall for us to use
as a display for our projects.
Very nice!
And I continued to work on 
pattern by Jodi Nelson (Pleasant Home)
All 16 blocks are now complete!
Tomorrow I will share with you more happenings 
from our Phoenix Modern ladies.