Friday, November 29, 2013

Hitler Pin Cushion

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.
Our was a little more quiet than usual.
 We hosted an early feast 
By late afternoon, with leftovers
stacked neatly away in the fridge
and with Mr. Cactus in a turkey induced coma,
I had a few moments to sit down and
 scope Pinterest
As a quilter, I've collected 
Pin Cushions
over the years
and now like to Pin
unique and creative ideas
to my own Board.
I was a little taken aback to see this
Hitler Pin Cushion
a 1940's Novelty Gift
Originally produced by Gag Gift Companies
this Pin Cushion came in several forms
and sold for around .69 cents
 There was even a 
Stick-a-Pin-in-Hitler Club
As reported by 
President Roosevelt
found the pin cushion so comical
he even kept one on his desk.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our house to yours:
Happy Thanksgiving!
a paper piecing pattern by
Remember Me Pattern Company
on display
at 3 Dudes Quilt Shop
Phoenix, Arizona

Monday, November 25, 2013

Scrap Quilt

 I'm always on the look out for ways to use my fabric scraps.
The other day I saw this 
Scrap Quilt
hanging on the wall
Each quilt block is made
by sewing your own 
Improv Strata
This is the same 
technique used to make the
  Modern Improv Trees
I showed on Saturday's post.
Little bits of left over this
and left over that
all sewn together
Wonky Style
and then cut into blocks.
This quilt is part of a line up of ideas
from the
taught by Pat Grago 
every 3rd Wednesday of the month
from 10-11am

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Little Mermaid Birthday Party

If you have a little girl in your family
chances are she has an
obsession with
Disney Princesses
Our sweet grand daughter
has inherited the Disney bug
and for her 4th Birthday
asked for a 
Little Mermaid Party
It might have something to do with
in the Royal Hall
at Fantasy Faire
in Disneyland a few months ago.
BIG Moment!
 Our daughter Amy hosted
a very creative
Under The Sea 
themed Party
at very little $$$.
I admire our daughter
who makes things
very fun
and yet doesn't go overboard on cost.
I wanted to share with you some of her ideas
that worked perfectly for little girls.
 As the children arrived at the party
each was given a crown
and then led
to a table full of art supplies.
With inexpensive glitter and self adhesive 
sea life foam stickers...
 each little girl made their own
personalized door hanger.
The next art activity
involved pink and purple bubble gum.
Amy had previously put holes in each gum ball with a
wooden skewer
and then provided a large embroidery needle
strung with ribbon
that was knotted at one end.
 Because of the young age group
this was an activity that required adult supervision.
Each child hand select their own color pattern
and then we noticed if we held the needle,
they were coordinated enough to
thread the gumballs.
 Every Princess needs
her own
Pearl Necklace
 For the games,
Amy wanted each little girl to feel as if she won.
Instead of musical chairs (where you lose when you are out)
she chose a form of 
Cake Walk
 Under The Sea music was played as the girls walked in a circle.
When the music stopped
each found a Princess Card to stand on.
Who ever was standing on
Sebastian (for example)
came out of the game
to receive a prize
and the game resumed for the others.
 The girls loved their prizes of 
that also served as
take home gifts.
 There was plenty of 
Little Mermaid 
Amy stayed with the 
Under The Sea Theme
cups of gold fish crackers
and nutritious fruit
Even the brownies
were cut out into star fish shapes.
 By twisting streamers
the walls gave the effect of being 
But the best part
after all the games, food and presents
was getting hugs and kisses 
from a wonderful Mommy and Daddy.
We feel so fortunate to have 
had 4 years of amazing
heart stealing moments with 
this precious little girl.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Modern Improv Trees

 I belong to a wonderful online Quilting Bee
along with 11 other ladies from all over the country
The Bees Knees
Each month we
receive a package from
one of our Bee members
and we sew a block or two
for her
and then mail it back.
October was Melissa Corry's month
and she requested we make
Modern Improv Trees
Fabric: Blitzen by Basic Grey
*I was traveling most of October
so I'm just getting to her block now.
 The Improv Trees are based from a
Melissa took them one step farther
and created her own paper pieced version 
complete with
 The finished quilt will eventually
look like this.
Just what we need to put us in the Christmas spirit.
Melissa Corry (Happy Quilting)
is a pattern designer
published in multiple quilt magazines
teaches quite often at quilt events
and is a busy mom 
of 5 young children.
I'm just happy to get to know her
a little better through our
Bees Knees :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Those Mesa Ladies/ November

 I spent most of October traveling
as a vendor to Quilt Conventions.
As much as I loved that part of my life,
I also missed out on a few things back home.
This last week it was wonderful to be back again 
Those Mesa Ladies 
We set up tables in a classroom
at our church.
Most bring their machines
or do hand work.
We take turns bringing in lunch
in the midst of it all
a little quilting
and the bond and support of friendship
takes place.
Such therapy! 
 Show and Tell
is also a big part of our experience.
Renee just received 2 of her quilts back from the Longarmer 
and promptly laid them out on the floor for all to see.
Both are now ready to be trimmed and bound.
pattern by Sandra Workman
of Pine Needles
 Beautiful longarm work
by Pat Roche
 A lot of 
ooohing and aaaahing
took place as we stood around admiring 
 the details of Pat's work.
 The second quilt Renee 
received back is 
a varied setting of  
Drunkard's Path
This baby sized version
will be soon be ready for a future grand baby.
 Again, Pat's quilting just adds so much to each design.
 Julie brought her recently finished
Chevron quilt
Julie used a soft blue minkee for the back.
Because of the holiday's
we are taking a break during December
but, we will be back together 
at the end of January with
Those Mesa Ladies

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Glamping Quilt

 I've added a new word to my vocabulary
in the last few years:
"A combination of Glamour and Camping"
For those who desire luxury
with their outdoor accommodations.
True to our nature
like to keep up with the latest trends.
Quilt Pattern and fabrics
by Mary Jane Butters
for Moda
can be spotted at
in Phoenix, Arizona
Kit Available!
I also discovered a free PDF pattern download
offered by United Notions
 The red ric rack 
adds so much to this design!
 3 Dudes 
 have their Glamping quilt hung right by a
comfy couch.
Such a warm welcoming spot.
I wanted to 
This really is a well designed store.
 Yesterday I showed you 
Hexagon Shuffle
displayed on the bed at 
they have created the most wonderful
Hanging Decor
 Fall fabric leaves
made from Kona solids
stream from
a cluster of branches
 Somewhat like a 
nursery mobile 
for Quilters
Great idea!
Add a little soft music
and the quilter in me
 would be quite happy to
 fall asleep to this
at night :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3 Dudes Quilt Store

 Yesterday I was invited by 
my friend Niser Holland
to join her for a day of sewing at
in Ahwatukee
Beautiful quilts 
 Impeccably decorated
The most welcoming and friendly staff
I felt as if I had walked into a very comfortable home.
My eye immediately went to 
Hexagon Shuffle
made with 40 Pre-Cut Hexagons 
*free PDF pattern offered by Moda
 3 Dudes offers a very nice kit available for purchase.
The sample on the bed
Pieced by Jeff Carr
Quilted by Sharon Elsberry
 The store was beautifully decorated for 
with smells of pumpkins and spices
to greet you as you walk in the door.
 A Thanksgiving table 
complete with china
 and fabric turkeys
made from fat quarters
to accompany each place setting
 They even have a
Thanksgiving Tree
If I understood right,
Jeff Carr is the
creative decorator
behind these impressive 
interior designs .
 And of course,
this spacious store has
 rows of lovely fabrics and patterns
 The 3 Dudes
really have made this a 
home away from home
With jars filled with freshly baked cookies
free for the customer's pleasure.
Our group filled a back class room.
Every Tuesday
from 9:30-3
the 3 Dudes offers
Sit and Sew
for only $5
Come Join Us!
Some brought machines
Many did handwork
A delightful day to get some sewing done without distractions.
(with plenty of time for shopping)
I know I will be back.