Sunday, November 24, 2013

Little Mermaid Birthday Party

If you have a little girl in your family
chances are she has an
obsession with
Disney Princesses
Our sweet grand daughter
has inherited the Disney bug
and for her 4th Birthday
asked for a 
Little Mermaid Party
It might have something to do with
in the Royal Hall
at Fantasy Faire
in Disneyland a few months ago.
BIG Moment!
 Our daughter Amy hosted
a very creative
Under The Sea 
themed Party
at very little $$$.
I admire our daughter
who makes things
very fun
and yet doesn't go overboard on cost.
I wanted to share with you some of her ideas
that worked perfectly for little girls.
 As the children arrived at the party
each was given a crown
and then led
to a table full of art supplies.
With inexpensive glitter and self adhesive 
sea life foam stickers...
 each little girl made their own
personalized door hanger.
The next art activity
involved pink and purple bubble gum.
Amy had previously put holes in each gum ball with a
wooden skewer
and then provided a large embroidery needle
strung with ribbon
that was knotted at one end.
 Because of the young age group
this was an activity that required adult supervision.
Each child hand select their own color pattern
and then we noticed if we held the needle,
they were coordinated enough to
thread the gumballs.
 Every Princess needs
her own
Pearl Necklace
 For the games,
Amy wanted each little girl to feel as if she won.
Instead of musical chairs (where you lose when you are out)
she chose a form of 
Cake Walk
 Under The Sea music was played as the girls walked in a circle.
When the music stopped
each found a Princess Card to stand on.
Who ever was standing on
Sebastian (for example)
came out of the game
to receive a prize
and the game resumed for the others.
 The girls loved their prizes of 
that also served as
take home gifts.
 There was plenty of 
Little Mermaid 
Amy stayed with the 
Under The Sea Theme
cups of gold fish crackers
and nutritious fruit
Even the brownies
were cut out into star fish shapes.
 By twisting streamers
the walls gave the effect of being 
But the best part
after all the games, food and presents
was getting hugs and kisses 
from a wonderful Mommy and Daddy.
We feel so fortunate to have 
had 4 years of amazing
heart stealing moments with 
this precious little girl.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how cute - it is amazing what kind of parties our girls will come up with - last year my daughter did a Parisian candy party for her daughter and she decorated the dining room as if in Paris and they made chocolates

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Be still my heart! How darling. What a creative daughter you have. Love the pearl necklaces and the cake walk. Our 2 year old granddaughter also love The Little Mermaid. I have to tuck some of these ideas in my head for later years. Right now she is playing dress up. Thank you for sharing her day with us.

dream quilt create said...

What an adorable party, your daughter is super creative! Your little grand daughter is precious :) I love the gum all necklaces, they can eat them afterwards. So cute!