Thursday, August 29, 2013

Those Mesa Ladies/ August

 A lovely day yesterday with
those cute Mesa Ladies.
They really are the nicest of people,
and I feel it's a privilege to 
meet with them each month.
One of my favorite parts is to see what everyone is working on.
 Stephanie (Stuph From Steph)
just finished her amazing Row Along Quilt 
designed by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet.
I love Stephanie's version.
Such beautiful fabrics!
And do you notice how she combined her colors
around in the border?
Wonderful idea!
 When Steph and I both made these rows 
we worked from tutorials on Lori's blog.
The Row Along became so popular
Lori expanded the ideas and
has a new book coming out.
Quilty Fun
can be pre-ordered 
The ladies had  lots of 
Show and Tell this month.
 Peg made a String Quilt
using newspapers as her foundation
for the blocks.
  String Quilt
by Janet
 I fell in love with another quilt
Janet was working on.
 Paris by
Margot Languedoc of The Pattern Basket
 Each block has a cute gathered ruffle that 
is sewn down the center.
 I've been seeing Margot's name around a lot lately.
She is the designer of 
Strawberry Social
that so many are making right now.
(If I had the time, I would love to make this quilt!)
Each month one of the ladies brings lunch
for our group.  
Peg really out did herself!
Such an amazing cook!
Peg runs a catering business
which I highly recommend if you live 
in the Phoenix Metro area.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Scraps Have Feelings Too

Emily Bailey, from Em's Scrapbag recently asked me to be part of Scrap Happy Summer where each Wednesday she features a guest to answer questions about  their Scrap Quilts.  Today is my day! 
Thanks Emily for the invite.  Here are my answers to Emily's questions:
Butterflies Are Free
For the last two years, I have challenged myself to "Use What I Have" from my stash, rather than go out and buy new fabric. It's been a creative process on several levels, from finding patterns that fit within my goal, to looking at my scraps with a new perspective.
What do you consider a scrap? What's to big/small?
I save just about everything bigger than 1-inch wide. I now look at those small pieces of fabric for their future use as "color".
I've noticed there are two types of scrap quilts. One is more like a Potpourri where any color will do, as seen in my Mumbo Gumbo quilt below.
Fabric is used in terms of "value", separating lights from darks. 
The other type of Scrap quilt is where that piece of fabric is used for it's "color". For example, a block might be done in bits of blue, or a combination of lights can be used as a strata background. My Modern Baby Chevron is an example of this second type of scrap quilt.

Do you prefer big projects or little ones when using your scraps? Or do you use a combo?
I used to mainly focus on making larger quilts, because I had a strong desire to minimize my stash pile.
How do you keep your scraps form taking over your sewing area?
I have boxes near my cutting table where I toss my scraps, separated by color. One thing I have really noticed is how much my taste in fabrics have changed over the years. I went through my stash and identified a lot of fabrics that were no longer "me" and donated them to my guild. It felt good knowing they would be used for charity projects, or appreciated by a new owner. At the price of fabrics, I used to think I had to hold onto everything, even though it sat hidden in boxes. I've learned to not be afraid to 'destash' even with my scraps. They can be happy in a new loving home!
Farmer's Wife Quilt Along
Any tips you would offer others when using scraps?
Bring them out to play often. They can get lonely sitting all by themselves, tucked away in a box or bag in the back of a closet. Scraps Have Feelings Too :) 
To read more of Emily's posts on Scrap Happy Summer, make sure to visit her blog HERE

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Destash Your Quilt Scraps

 How do you 
Destash Your Quilt Scraps?
What do you do with all of those
left over bits and pieces from
your favorite quilt projects?
 What size is too small to keep?
I was asked that question recently,
and it made me think.
I toss small "leftovers" 
sorted according to color
in these 12" X 12" X 3"
 I like the boxes because they are clear and allow me to see
the colors of the fabrics inside.
 Plus, they stack nicely in a bookcase near my sewing machine,
making them readily available to play with.
For my larger "chunks" of left over fabric, or yardage pieces
I sort into those into wire baskets.
On a good day, 
they are stacked neatly according to color
Lately I've been pulling out entire drawers
and cutting out random colors of 9-inch blocks.
Here is the dilemma:
Why is it after 2 years of sorting, cutting, 
using, and re-stacking
those fabric scrap bins and boxes
don't seem to be getting much smaller in size?
oh, if my banking account 
would only do the same :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ziggy Cubes Fabric

 I rarely buy fabric anymore.
I've had so much in my stash
that my goal for the last few years has been to
Use What I Have
I think I could make scrappy quilts 
day in and day out
and still have enough fabric to keep me busy
for a long, long time. 
 But, when I won a Gift Certificate
I felt that long ago, but not forgotten
 fabric buzz 
start to take place.
I'm glad no one was sitting next to me
because I think I might have started 
to drool
when I sat down
and began scrolling through Pink Chalk's web site.
 If you could buy one fabric,
and only one fabric,
what would it be?
I chose
by French Bull
for Windham fabrics.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Quilt Label Ideas

 My friend Jackie Kunkel (Canton Village Quilt Works)
travels extensively with her quilts.
She is a Nationally Certified Judy Niemeyer Teacher,
has her own on-line store,
and her personal quilt designs
are published often
in major quilt magazines and books.
 With all of the traveling in and out of airports,
winding her way through many States,
there is always the risk of baggage loss or mix ups.
Labeling a quilt properly is
for safe return.
I was curious to see how Jackie 
tackles this challenge.
 I was especially interested to see that she 
takes a picture of her quilt 
to place on each label.
(great idea!)
Also included:
The Name of the Quilt
Her name/ including Home Town and State
Date Made
The Quilters Name
Pattern Designer's Name

 Jackie prints her labels
EQ Printables
Inkjet Fabric Sheets
from the
that can be found
The printables come in several fabric choices 
from Regular Cotton to 
Premium Cotton Satin
and also available
in various sheet sizes, too.
Sometimes we drag our feet in labeling our quilts,
but it really is the final 
and very important step
in saying our quilt is finished
and ready to travel into 
this big wide world.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Carlotta's Quilts

 I wanted to finish up with the last few pictures I took
at our
Show and Tell with the
Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild meeting 
this month.
 I was especially impressed with the 
Art Quilts by 
( what a beautiful name, too!)
 Carlotta likes to add bead work to 
each of her pieces.
 She said you will always
be able to find some type of
bug or insect in each of her designs.
 Many of her pieces are made for customers.
 As a side note,
the charity work that goes on behind the scenes
with the PMQG
led by B.J. and Jacki
is equally impressive.
This month we gathered quilts for the 
Elderly victims of the
Yarnell Hill Fire
 As many of you may have read in the National news,
we lost 19 Firefighters from the Prescott Fire Department
in this tragedy.
Our state of Arizona has grieved deeply,
and communities have looked for ways to help.
 127 buildings and many neighborhoods
in Yarnell were completely destroyed.
These quilts donated by our guild members
will go directly to the Elderly 
who have been identified specifically as needing 
blankets for the winter.
This really is what quilting is all about.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Phoenix Modern Show and Tell part 2

I was very happy to see
 that so many
brought Show and Tell
to our
Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild meeting.
 These ladies truly inspire me!
I come away wishing I could make
everything they are making.
 Christy Fincher (Purple Daisies)
made this Modern green, orange and gray
for her son's bedroom.
 Christy also brought a sample of her latest wall hanging
to show how her husband has
begun practicing quilting on a domestic machine.
Nice job!
I can only imagine that when Sharon Schamber is
your Mother In Law, and Christy is your wife,
 even the men take opportunity
to learn from the best.
 A wonderful Modern looking quilt
made for a boyfriend.
 Mint Chocolate Chip
What a great name for a quilt.
What fun fabrics.
As a side note, Bonnie is wearing the latest skirt she made from
by fellow PMQG member Jona G.
 Bonnie's design
working with 
Kaffe Fassett 
shot cottons and stripes.
 Our guild currently has a
Drunkard's Path Challenge going on.
Bonnie made her version 
out of Hungry Caterpillar fabric
 Andee's Drunkard's Path
 Kirsten dipped into her scrap pile.
And Danny has been playing with flannels
for this queen sized quilt that will 
be a gift for a friend.