Sunday, August 11, 2013

Houston Texas Temple Quilt

 Picking a favorite quilt at a quilt show
is a little bit like picking a favorite child.
In reality, you
Love Them All
 But, if I were to pick a favorite 
from the IQF Long Beach Show
it would be
Houston Texas Temple
Carolyn Allison
Pearland, Texas
 Carolyn expressed my very deep felt sentiments
when she wrote
"The Houston Texas Temple has a special place in my heart.
It is a place where serenity and peace
are found,
and religious doctrine is taught.
 This temple is a source of strength for me and many others.
As I made this quilt I listened to  Josh Groban's
and came to understand even more that this is what 
the temple does for me-
 -it raises me up to 
more than I can be."
 The Houston Texas Temple
was dedicated in 2000
 Carolyn did an excellent job of
replicating the exterior architecture and
 look of the
 Luna Pearl granite.
 Such amazing detail
clear down to the
stain glass windows
and doors.
 Carolyn's techniques:
Machine Pieced, Applique
Design Source:
Pictures she took of the temple
Currently our church
has 141 operating temples through out the world,
with 13 under construction
and 16 announced to begin.
If you would like to learn more about 
why we build temples


Lynette said...

That's a pretty amazing quilt, alright

Nat Palaskas said...

I can't never choose a favorite quilt and a show. They are all amazing quilts! I like that Houston Texas Temple quilt - Hugs Nat

Ronni said...

Is the stained glass pieced? Really?

Gayle said...

Hi Nedra - I love and admire you for doing missionary work on your blog - this is one amazing quilt!