Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stepping Stones Quilt and More

 Not all Judy Niemeyer quilts are complicated.
During Jackie Kunkel's trunk show
she shared with us several that 
are quite do-able.
Using a paper foundation
really helps with accuracy and ease.
was my favorite.
Love Jackie's use of Kaffe's in this quilt.
 I was intrigued when I saw how Jackie used Kaffes in smaller sections.
Normally, his big bold florals are best used for large blocks.
But Jackie said she looks at his fabrics for their use of "color"
If she sees a purple flower she likes, she isn't afraid to cut it up
just for it's color usage.
 And the entire time she showed this quilt,
I kept singing
"I..I..I..I..I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone"
(by the Monkee's 1966)
OK-that dates me.
When I was in 5th grade, I met Micky Dolenz (the drummer).
His father was the minister of the church my family attended
and I used to sit and talk and giggle 
with his sister Coco.
The Monkee's TV show was a hit
for young girls, and I was a FAN.
I think I need to make this quilt just for the memories :)
 Which Way Is North
 A version of a Dutchman's Puzzle block
 And if Judy Niemeyer blocks looks difficult
start the learning curve 
with a table runner or two.
 For a list of Jackie's classes
you can view her schedule 
at Canton Village Quilt Works
 Several of Judy's designs are traditional
like this Double Wedding Ring.
Love the scrappy Border


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

pretty quilts! she does use wonderful color! I remember the monkees - I was older than you though

Unknown said...

You are too funny!! So cool to hear that you were a Monkees fan too and had a connection... no less.