Friday, September 30, 2011

Floribunda In Red

Remember last week I mentioned I wanted to play with the Floribunda block in more traditional colors?
Introducing Floribunda In Red.

Taken from Flannel Floribunda Quilt by Scott Hansen for Free Spirit.
Finished block size 20" X 20"

The main inspiration came from the fabric Masquerade IV Red Birds on White by Henry Glass

The Nimble Thimble Quilt Guild is having a Small Quilt Auction next Tuesday night, and once quilted, this will be included in my donations.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Bloggers Block of The Month

I just whipped up the September Bloggers Block of The Month designed by my friend Sherri McConnell (A Quilting Life)

This is going to be a great way to use up some of my Kaffe Fassett scraps.

I'm all about scrappy quilts right now.
I'm determined to use what I have and try and get my stash down somewhat.

The Bloggers Block of The Month is a perfect venue to keep the Kaffe fabrics out on the table.
The September block was easy to put together, thanks to a nice tutorial over on Sherri's blog.

It made me think of how much I miss getting together with Sherri, especially now that I have moved.
Sherri lives a few miles south of St. George, just across the border in a small Nevada town.
I went through my archives and found a few pictures of us over the years.
Last April we went to a quilt show together.

We used to get together at each other's homes for sew days, and I learned so much from her about color and design.
Not only is Sherri a talented published designer, and stunt sewer for the famous, she is also one of the nicest ladies I have ever known.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We're Arizonians Now

You may have noticed that this last year most of my posts have been from Arizona.
Truth be told, Mr. Cactus has been working here in the Grand Canyon State.
Our home in Southern Utah has been up for sale, and because we have kept it staged with most of our furnishings, I didn't feel comfortable announcing we were not living there.
We made trips back once a month to check on the house, so it felt a little like living in two states.

I can now comfortably announce we are Arizonians.
Because of the sluggish real estate market, we have still not sold our house in Utah, and have decided to rent it out for now.
This last weekend we went home, packed everything up, and placed most of our belongings in a storage unit.
We'll continue to live in our apartment here in Arizona until the house sells.
You know, this is the first we have lived in an apartment since Mr. Cactus was in graduate school many moons ago, and I have to say we are very content.
We are empty nesters, and just don't need as much room as when our large family was growing up.
I have the comforts of my sewing machine and fabrics, and am thrilled to be able to clean the entire apartment in less than an hour.
Life is good.

I will really missed my Utah quilting friends, especially the Dixie Divas and being able to look out my kitchen window to the red rocks and blue skies of St. George.

I will miss pool parties with family and friends, and all of the wonderful relationships we created in Southern Utah.

But life is often about change, and I believe in joyfully embracing all the new possibilities that await each and every day.

I can now report to you the fabulous quilt happenings here in the Phoenix area.

The biggest blessing this last year has been living within a few miles of our two oldest daughters.

We have been able to attend the everyday events of our most precious grandchildren.

Need I say more?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bloggers Block of The Month

OK!! I'm in!

My friend Jackie over at Canton Village Works has started a new Quilt Along, Bloggers Block of The Month and guess which fabric she is using?


On the 25th of each month a talented designer will share with us a free block pattern.

Guess who designed the first block?

My friend Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

Sherri and I go waaayyy back.

It's wonderful to see such nice people getting together from all over the country, creating and designing together.

Look how easy the first block is?

Do you want to join?? Huh? Huh? Do ya?

I have about a million other things going on right now, but this group is so enticing and irresistible.

And one block a month is so doable.

Excuse me while I go over to start petting my Kaffes, and decide which fabrics I will be using for Block #1.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Floribunda In Kaffe

When I first saw Floribunda, I thought the main block was so interesting.
I knew it would be a great quilt to play with some of my Kaffe fabrics.
My goal is to start using fabrics that I have in my stash, and I've been a collector of Kaffe for many years.

The original pattern: Flannel Floribunda Quilt by Scott Hansen is a free pattern offered by Free Spirit.
(and a good opportunity to use the word free over and over!)

The biggest challenge was try and figure out which fabrics to use for each of the 4 blocks.
As usual with scrappy quilts, it almost took more time to cut out than to sew.

The blocks are large, and go together quickly.
Finishing at 21-inches, and I think would be nice standing alone as a wall hanging.

In fact, next week I may play with this pattern some more.

Next time I will use a little more conservative fabrics.

These Kaffes are bright, bold and busy!

What do you think?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playing With Kaffes

I've pulled out my Kaffe Fassett fabrics and have begun a new scrappy quilt.
Here is a little sneak peek.

I love his use of big bold colorful geometric designs and florals.

In my Kaffe collection I have a good selection of his solid shot cottons and stripes to play with.
Just pulling them out of the bin and matching up possibilities makes me happy.

Did you know there are quite a few video's of Kaffe on You Tube?

If you are like me and know that taking a class from him is not a possibility right now, there are other ways to learn from Kaffe.

There is a 3-part workshop available on video.

Or, listen to a 2011 Interview in his London studio, Kaffe at a V & A workshop, or snippets from the AQS 2010 Paducah Show.

Scroll down the You Tube listings and you will have an opportunity to learn more about this great artist and his unique style.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)
The one with the waggley tail
How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)
I do hope that doggie's for sale

I must take a trip to California
And leave my poor sweetheart alone
If he has a dog, he won't be lonesome
And the doggie will have a good home

I read in the paper there are robbers (roof! roof!)
With flashlights that shine in the dark
My love needs a doggie to protect him
And scare them away with one bark

I don't want a bunny or a kitty
I don't want a parrot that talks
I don't want a bowl of little fishies
He can't take a goldfish for a walk

How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)
The one with the waggley tail
How much is that doggie in the window? (arf! arf!)
I do hope that doggie's for sale
I do hope that doggie's for sale
How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
Novelty Song sung by Patti Page 1953
#1 on the Billboard Chart for 8 weeks
The first song to reach #1 with a question mark in the song title.

*I have many happy memories of my mother singing this song to me when I was a young child.
This latest doggie embroidery that I just finished stitching has gone up on the design wall with the other Vintage pattern blocks.
Eventually these will all be placed in a quilt that I am making for my grandchildren.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Costa Vida Goodyear Arizona Opening

Last Friday night we were invited to the opening of our SIL's newest Costa Vida restaurant in Goodyear, Arizona.

We are so excited to now have a 3rd location in Arizona to be able to eat our favorite food.

If you live in the Goodyear area (or are driving through) you can find the newest Costa Vida at 13233 W. McDowell Rd., Goodyear, AZ

We have watched Dano work long hours for the opening of this latest store.

His greatest support has been our daughter Amy.

As busy as he was with taking care of so many details, especially during the first few hours of opening, Dano still took the time to stop and spend a few moments his children.

They clung to him and had so many questions.

We are addicted to Costa Vida food.

They use all fresh ingredients and everything is made from scratch daily.

If I had to choose a favorite (although it's like being asked to pick a favorite child) I would say I love their salads the most.

Their fish tacos are the best I've ever had....

...and their chips and queso is the best I've ever tasted.

Trust me, I've tried a lot of versions in many restaurants, and Costa is the best.

Mr Cactus always insists on getting their flan for desert.

Yum, Yum, Yum!

The food is very affordable, and there are coupons available on their web site!

They even offer a drive through at the Goodyear location.

My daughter Amy commented on how much easier this makes it for young moms with children who want Costa Vida food, but don't want to get everyone out of their car seats.

Their latest car has now been wrapped with Costa Vida.

For other locations in Arizona:

1744 Val Vista, Mesa, AZ

21152 E Rittenhouse Rd., Queen Creek, AZ

and more in the planning stages!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


If you are TimelyManner, and left me a comment on the post about Selvage Quilts, please contact me with a name and e-mail.
I have an answer to your question, but your name came up as a "No-reply" and
*As a side note, if anyone else has trouble with being listed as a NO REPLY when you leave a comment, my friend Jodi Nelson of Pleasant Home has a very educational post on how to solve the problem.
Make sure to run over and look at the NO REPLY icon on her side bar.

Anonymous said...
By the length of this comment, it is obvious I need to get some more selvages to take up some of this time on my hands! Thank you and nice to meet you all.
September 17, 2011 12:29 PM

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birds and Puppies Embroidery

It's been a fun process looking for Vintage embroidery on the Internet.
So many wonderful patterns to choose from that really are a step back in time.
The latest two that I have made to be added to a quilt I am working on for my grandbabies:
Blue Birds

Puppies with Utensils

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lori's Mini Design Boards

When ever I have gone on a retreat with my friend Lori Holt (Bee In My Bonnet), she has brought along her mini design boards.
These work so well when sewing a block. You can lay the entire block out, and keep the pieces organized while taking them to the ironing board, too.
I was thrilled when Lori did a tutorial on how to make her Mini Design Boards.
See Part 1
and Part 2

The mini design boards work especially well when sewing blocks for the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along.
I now have 6 blocks all ready to be sewn sitting by my machine.

You can make six 10" X 10" design boards with one piece of *foam core board.
*I found mine a local dollar store.

Everything else was made with scraps of batting and fabric.
Total Cost of project: $1
Can't beat that!
You can make these in any size.

Lori is always so organized has the most useful tips for time saving techniques. I love to sit next to her like a sponge and soak up information.
The boards do not have to have the fabric trims, but as Lori said "Anything worth making is worth making cute."
That describes her to a T.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nimble Thimbles September Trunk Show

The Nimble Thimbles really are a diverse group of quilters.
Here are some pictures from their September Trunk Show:

This quilter explained that she made a quilt for her mother who loves red.

The striking two color combination made me think of the red and white quilts that were recently hung at the Museum of American Folk Art show in New York.

This was one of the most unique denim quilts I've ever seen. She cut out circles from old used jeans and placed them in a Cathedral Window type setting.
The borders are not finished yet.

I noticed with the approach of Fall, many people were finishing up their Halloween and Thanksgiving quilts.

I love how she fussy cut the centers using the fabric line Witches Undies by Moda.

When this young man stood up to show his quilt, I wanted to applaud.

First he explained that he had been commission (yes, commissioned!) to make this quilt, but it had taken him longer than expected because he was busy working his day job doing Construction.


What a contrast of two worlds!

From the way he spoke it sounded like he has made quite a few commissioned quilts.

What a great young man.

Before he was done speaking I was ready to adopt him.

From the Buggy Barn book Frightfully Crazy

Some ladies had completed easy quilts.

And some were working on art quilts

This was another commissioned piece where the designer was given fabrics from family members in China.

She apologized because she felt the quilt was ugly.

I personally loved it!

This is a great example of how we all are attracted to different styles, which I feel is a wonderful thing!

Variety adds spice to life.

If we all liked the same things, it could get rather dull and boring.

A fat quarter friendly pattern.

Disparing Blues by new quilter Joann.

The Nimble Thimbles are up to 70 members now, which provides a very nice, well rounded Show and Tell!