Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Smiles

The Collin Firth version of 
has always been my favorite :)
Can you believe it's been
18 years
since this film was made?
*Image found on Pinterest

Friday, September 27, 2013

Rene's Tuxedo Quilt and More

 Rene should win the second prize
for most quilts completed this last month
when we met Wednesday with
Those Mesa Ladies
She calls this one
Table Topper size which will be a gift for a daughter.
A nice version of a Drunkard's Path
I love the black and white contrast.
 Rene is very good at 
making her backs as beautiful as her fronts.
 Beautifully machine quilted by Pat Roche (Pat's Just Quilting)
Belgian Waffles
by Happy Zombie
on Moda Bake Shop
 Most of the ladies in our group
made this quilt together a few years ago.
 Rene gives so many great ideas 
for designing backs to quilts.
Pattern by Sandy Workman
of Pine Needles
I love this quilt!
Pine Needles  also gives a free tutorial 
complete with cutting instructions
Rene used a great selection of 
Mary Engelbriet fabrics
and again made a terrific back.
I am hand delivering this one to Pat 
for her to work her magic
with the long arm quilting.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Those Mesa Ladies/ September

 Yesterday was that favorite day I wait for each  month
the 3rd Wednesday
where I get together and sew with
Those Wonderful Mesa Ladies
We meet at the church
and spend the day working on our projects.
One of the parts I look forward to the most
is seeing the progress the ladies have made
on their quilts during the month.
 This month, I think Peg won the prize
Most Completed
Peg completed 3 quilts
for her grand children.
 This Chevron quilt was made from left over scraps.
Don't you love the long arm quilting pattern, too?
 Peg put soft Minkee on the back
for a cuddly snuggle.
 The same pattern made in Pink 
 Wonderful fabric choices
 If you look closely
you can see the same 
I just did a tutorial for 
*Peg's Half Square Triangles 
measure at 5 inches.
The only difference is that half of her
triangles are one solid color.
 More soft Minkee for the back.
 Scrappy Strip Quilt
 Can you see the cherries in
several of the fabrics?
 Peg's long armer followed that same theme for the quilting.
Very cute!
 The quilting pattern is even more noticeable when viewing the
Minkee back.
 And then there is the food.
Janet really outdid herself 
by providing the most delicious lunch.
She made Stephanie's 
that is to die for!
Recipe can be found on Steph's blog
Stuph From Steph
 Rene made 
melt in your mouth
homemade orange rolls.
Not only can these ladies quilt,
but they CAN COOK!
More Show and Tell tomorrow
from the group.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Little Slice Of Heaven

 We think September is a wonderful time
to play in Southern California.
School has resumed and the crowds have lessened,
especially at the beach.
The weather is usually
 We have a family tradition of 
renting a beach house
right off the ocean
in beautiful 
Newport Beach
and spend the week
and just being together.
 Blissful days spent building sand castles,
gathering seashells,
 swimming and boogie boarding.
This year we had almost the entire section of our beach
all to ourselves.
Hours and hours of play time
from sunrise to sunset.
  Mr. Cactus taught
the grandbabies the art of
wet sand sculptures.
 Gather up hand fulls of 
wet sand and let it 
into a formation of your choice.
 Let your creativity and imagination
 A forest of sand Christmas trees?
Our little 
Slice of Heaven

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cars Land

Lisa E. was right on
when she guessed we were in
Cars Land
 Disney California Adventure
 Such a cool ride!
12 Acres of fun
where you race through
desert scenes 
and Red Rock mountain ranges.
 Even though we were in California
we felt we had been 
momentarily morphed
back to Arizona.
Disney's Ornament Valley
is patterned after
Monument Valley
located along the Arizona-Utah state line.
 We are here with our 3 oldest children and grandchildren.
I'm an especially happy mama 
to have our son Scott who lives in New York
fly in for the week.
 And with only a 5 1/2 hour drive from the Phoenix Metro
our daughter Aubrey was also able to join us for a few days.
 Being with family is the best part!
  We are big Disney Fans
even during the competitive parts

Although I am a little worried they
might not let us back in :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Can You Guess Where We Are?

 I know it's been a little silent
here at 
Cactus Needle 
during the last week.
 Can You Guess Where We Are?
 I'll give you a few clues:
That's Butte
pronounced like "Ute"
or like "Route"
as in 66
(not what you were thinking at first, was it?)
 We had to leave our home in Arizona
to see Arizona
(*we are not in Arizona)
 And we parked our car to ride in a car.
 Does this help?
 Come on!  I'm almost giving it away!
Any ideas?
I will leave you with
some sage advice :)
*last clue:
some say this is the happiest place on Earth :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Starry Eyed Quilt Block

is hosted this month
by the wonderful 
Sinta Borland (Pink Pincuhion)
 Sinta sent each of us in the group
 the fabric to make  the
Starry Eyed Block
Free pattern offered by
Angela of Fussy Cut 
over on Moda Bake Shop
 This really was a fun block to make
It ends up being quite large
finishing at 16-inches
 I have never made a 
wonky star before
and it was quite a freeing technique.
This is one of the things I love about being part of a Bee.
I am trying new things I have always wanted to learn
but probably never would have taken the time for.
 Sinta chose some really cute fabric.
(although it did remind me I need to get the laundry done:)
The original quilt over on Moda Bake Shop
I like it!
This would be a great stash buster.
I just may have to add this to 
my to-do list.
Love those Bees Knees
 Thanks Sinta!