Thursday, September 5, 2013

This Family of Mine

 I am not much of an adventurous person.
I wouldn't exactly call 
So when I see my family members
challenge themselves
to activities
I would never dream of doing,
I stand 
 Our Son In Law Dano
recently got back from Utah 
where he participated in a
1/2 Iron Man
In this Triathlon event he 
started out with a
1.2 mile swim
in Utah Lake
 Followed by a 56 Mile bike ride,
and then a
13.1 mile run around the Provo River
Oh my
Even after dealing with
the unfortunate experience of
 two flat tires
Dano managed to come in
under his 5 hour goal.
All of his early morning training
paid off.
I think he calls this fun. 
 I do see a smile at the finish line
as he hydrates 
and accepts his medal.
 Then daughter #1 called me the other morning
the beautiful Red Rock country of
 Moab, Utah
where I thought she was on a 
Labor Day jeeping trip.
"Mom, I just jumped out of an airplane!"
 Lets just say I was
relieved that I found out 
she was safely back on the ground.
The first 30 seconds out of the plane 
is a 
free fall
Aubrey, like her mother, has a fear of heights.
(I get dizzy climbing a step stool)
 was something she 
challenged herself to do as
a way of 
Facing Her Biggest Fear
I am so proud of her!
Is that a smile I see
on her face?
or is she shouting


Lorette said...

OMG!! Something I would never do is parachute jump! Congrats to your daughter for facing her fear and your SIL for his determination at reaching his goal!

Dolores said...

A huge congratulations to both of them.
I know how you feel. I am not a daring person either but both my boys have jumped out of airplanes (I hope they are finished with that now) and my middle daughter and her boyfriend just ran a 50 mile and 70 mile marathon. I'm tired just writing about it...

Needled Mom said...

Those Iron Man competitions are intense. Way to go!!!

Now .... jumping out of an airplane??? Why???? I'd be glad to find out afterwards too.

Sara said...

I stand in awe right with you. My older daughter has done a marathon and a triathlon before having her babies. My younger daughter has done a 1/2 marathon and has also been sky diving. No way that I could do it - but I sure admire those who do.

I'll stick to my quilting and golf.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am not an exercise person although I try to daily exercise I do nothing like what you show!! few of us do I bet. I like your daughter would love to sky dive but I know at my age I will never do it now - good for her!!

Nat Palaskas said...

My congratulations to Dano. Are you sure it wasn't 1 and a half Iron Man? Well done to DD and DSIL - Hugs Nat

Melinda said...

My daughter is doing an Ironman in Lake Tahoe in 12 days. She has been training for a year. Glad to see he did his half Ironman so well. I can't even imagine jumping out of an airplane.

Nanette Merrill said...

That iron man thing is not for sissies. And the airplane thing is insane.