Sunday, February 28, 2010

Texture Magic Diet Plan

With the few smoke free minutes available during the trunk show at Bryce, we were able to demonstrate the TEXTURE MAGIC DIET PLAN.

First, I asked my good friend Nanette (of Freda's Hive) to come up and let me wrap her in Texture Magic. That Nanette is always such a good sport, and was so gracious about helping out.

Next I asked Nanette to step behind the quilt where I steamed, steamed, steamed, steamed.

Texture Magic is a steam-activated shrinking fabric made of polyester.
The fabric shrinks 30% in all directions when steam is applied. After shrinking, result is permanent. Washer and dryer safe.

(*Note: The results are PERMANENT!)

From the other side of the quilt, out popped Nanette, who not only shrank in pounds and inches, but she also lost 30 years in age.
Now who wouldn't want to try Texture Magic after that?
(My many thanks to Nanette and her darling daughter Shelbie for helping with the skit).

Texture Magic can be purchased at your local quilt store or ordered on Superior Threads web site.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Texture Magic is One Hot Topic

Yesterday at the Bryce Quilt Retreat Ricci and I were scheduled to present a Texture Magic Trunk show.
I've been sewing for months in preparation, and was quite looking forward to showing everyone the wonderful products that can be made with Texture Magic.

We had the rapt attention of about 250 in attendance.

We were (maybe) 10 minutes into our presentation...

..when smoke began billowing out of the ceiling fans and light fixtures.
We were all evacuated to the pool area, and to the front of the lodge.
A fire had started in the chimney of the large fireplace in the lobby, and the smoke had gone into the ventilation system. All ended up well, the fire was put out quickly, and everyone was safe.
The locals were in quite the panic because Ruby's Inn has burnt to the ground TWICE, the last time in 1984.

And alas, the trunk show was basically over.
But we did put out a little table that evening for anyone who wanted to purchase Texture Magic, and the TM friendly patterns designed by Annie Unrein.
I wrote a little sign that said "Fire Sale" that drew a lot of laughs.
Hey, you gotta find the humor when these things happen.
(And most importantly I was grateful no one was hurt.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

More Fun at the Bryce Retreat

We are having a wonderful time here at the Bryce Retreat. It's been snowy and cold outside, so we feel fortunate to have such a beautiful lodge that is warm and cozy.

There are ice cycles hanging off the roof.

Some of the ice cycles go completely from the roof to the snowbanks below.

I taught a class yesterday called "Fun & Done". This technique is where you quilt as you go. When you finish the quilt, it's completely finished, from the quilting down to the binding.

Ruby's Inn is a large lodge, complete with indoor pool, restaurant, shops, etc. In order to hold numerous quilt classes at one time, Bonnie has come up with very creative spaces for the classes. I taught in the employee kitchen.

My samples of Fun & Done.

The students did a great job getting their first few blocks together, and learning this flip and sew technique.

I taught this class last year, again this year, and several have requested I teach it again next year. It's a great technique because you don't have to pay for a long arm quilter to finish the quilt. It makes it a little more affordable if you want to give quilts as gifts.

At the noon trunk show we had "Apron's On Parade". We were asked to bring an apron we had made for Show and Tell. This group of friends made their apron's together.

This one was called a "Daisy Mae" apron. Remember Li'l Abner?

And the trunk show are so fun because we see so many beautiful quilts. I took a lot of pictures and will show them in posts over the next week or so.
(My Favorite Things by Janice Mickelson)

Norma Whaley does a lot of Civil War type quilts.

Nanette, Shelbie and Ricci
One of the wonderful things about these retreats is meeting up with friends. We have been hanging out a little with the famous Nanette (of Freda's Hive) and her cute daughter Shelbie. In fact, both Nanette and Shelbie are helping me with a little skit today for one of the trunk shows. More about that later.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bryce Retreat

I am here in beautiful Bryce Canyon City at a quilt retreat. This is a working retreat for me. I will be teaching two classes and doing a Texture Magic Trunk Show for the group.

This is a winter retreat that has been held for the last 17 years at Ruby's Inn near Bryce National Park in Utah.
Out of all the National Parks I've been to, Bryce is my favorite. The stunning beauty of the etched red rock formations take my breath away.

Because it's winter, I won't be hiking the trails. But we live close enough, that I will be back soon.

The Winter Retreat is the creation of Bonnie Miles, who by the way, does all of the work herself.
The Syrett family originally settled in Bryce in 1916, and the decedents of Ruby have run the Inn ever since.

Bonnie can take up to 250 participants, and every year there is a long waiting list of those who try to get in.
There are a wide variety of classes taught by local talent, and several vendors line the main conference room. When the registration first opens up, I know of some ladies who spend $17 to overnight their forms in order to get the classes they want.

Last night was "Meet The Teacher" and Show and Tell. We were asked to bring quilts that were made from previously taught classes.
This Diamond quilt made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics was from a class Bonnie taught last year.

Last year I taught a "Fun & Done" class (and I'm teaching it again this year). One of the students liked the technique so much she went home and put her own blocks together in this quilt. Beautiful!

One of the vendors gave Bonnie an apron last night. They wanted to make sure everyone knows who is in charge!
Bonnie does a wonderful job of keeping track of all of us, and making sure things run smoothly.
Bonnie was raised in this area and she and her husband just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shifting Styles with Denyse Schmidt

I have always considered myself pretty much a traditional quilter. I've never had a contemporary piece of furniture in my house, and have never been drawn to "modern".
At least so I thought.
Then I saw Denyse Schmidt, and made a shift.
A while back I purchased Denyse's book, and even though I haven't made anything from it yet, her style called "Modern Interpretations" keeps calling to me.
Some of her quilts are on my "to do" list, but for right now I'm a wanna-be.

Some of you may be most familiar with Denyse's fabric lines for Free Spirit like Katie Jumprope.

But did you know she also has quilt patterns on her web site?
I just ordered Cog + Wheel.

Single Girl reminds me of a different take on wedding ring.

And I love the simplicity of Swirly Rose. Not all of her quilts have white backgrounds. I just like these.

Right now on her web site, Denyse is offering a free pattern for Scottie Dog.
I have recently noticed a gathering of quilters called the Modern Quilt Guild. They have on-line branch's all over the U.S. If you like Modern quilts, you may want to check them out.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kaffe's New Book

Kaffe Fassett has a new book coming out March 2nd.
Guess who will be ordering one right away?

Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts is another collaboration with Liza Prior Lucy.
I had the opportunity of attending a small workshop taught by Kaffe when he came to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City a few years ago.
I remember he said that he believes in using simple quilt designs that allow the fabrics to be the focus.

Kaffe is the only fabric designer I collect. I'm trying really hard to not buy any new fabric, but Kaffe's are my weakness.

My girlfriend Jan K. let me know that the quilt store where she works had placed a few Kaffe's at 40% off.

I succumbed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bow Tucks Class

Margaret was our teacher for the class yesterday at the Zion Retreat.
In years past the guild has brought in National teachers. But with so much talent within our own guild, we decided to use our own members.

Margaret taught two different bags, and was well prepared with display boards showing each step for the projects.

She also gave the option of using Texture Magic in each purse.

Bow Tucks by Penny Sturgess of Quilts Illustrated.
I love the colors Cathie Purdy used for her version.

When batting is placed between the fabric and the Texture Magic it gives a waffle type look.

Texture Magic was used on the pocket without batting.

This is a fun tote with ties on the side.

And Cathie used a cute designer button on the front.