Friday, February 19, 2010

Quilt Retreat Game

Pat Peters is in charge of our Zion Retreat this year for the Dixie Quilt Guild.
Sherri is on Pat's commitee and started us off last night with a game.
Well....we didn't KNOW we were playing a game at first.

Sherri announced that the hotel was having trouble with their supplier and had run very low on toilet paper. She reported that the hotel felt the problem would be remedied by the next day. But for tonight, she passed around rolls of TP and requested we take as much as we felt we needed to get us through for the evening.

As typical with any group of ladies, some took a little....

And some took a lot.

Annie Unrein (designer of Texture Magic patterns) is a past President of our guild.
After everyone had a chance to grab a wad of toilet paper, we were then informed that for each square of TP, we were to stand a tell something about ourselves.
Oh no!
For those who had a long, long piece of toilet paper (like Charm C.) we learned quite a bit!

Others, (like Cathie P.) tried stuffing their wad in their bras and pretended like they didn't have much to say.
"What TP?" she innocently asked.

After roars of laughter, and maybe gathering too much personal information from guild members, things settled down and we were treated to a Texture Magic trunk show by Annie.


West Michigan Quilter said...

What fun. I'm going to use that game next chance I get. Thanks for sharing.

Material Mary said...

I have played that game before and glad that I only took marginal TP. Talk about the hot seat.

Carrie said...

What a fun game! I'm so jealous of your retreat at Zions...such a beautiful place to have it.

CJ said...

Hilarious game! Our church women's retreat is NEXT weekend. Maybe I can get some gals to play along.

Unknown said...

What a great ice breaker! Love it!! You ladies are too fun.

Latane Barton said...

That does sound like fun. I once played something similiar. We had to tear off pieces of toliet paper and then after everyone had their we had to make hats out of them. That was tough.

Live Well With Judi said...

Oh Nedra: That is so funny! I'm afraid I would have had a giant know me...I'm nothing if not prepared for EVERY contingency! And besides that, I have an over developed sense of responsibility and think I have to have TP for all those who didn't take enough. Good thing I wasn't there, I'd still be talking the next day! Hugs

AMIT said...

Its fun game.You enjoyed.

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