Monday, February 1, 2010

So Many Hats and Only One Head

So many hats and only one head.

"Whenever you wear your hat, your day will be special." (Margo Nickel)

Leave everyone wondering which is the more interesting piece of or your hat.
With the right hat, nothing else matters. (LaPaloma Hats)

I think tomorrow is a say-something-hat day. (Vida Boheme)

This week I am in Phoenix, kissing on these silly faces. Grandma heaven.

Our grand daughter was in the hospital with a respiratory infection, but she is home now and in good health.
After two ambulance rides, and two hospitals, it was a little scary.
Such an angel!


Jana said...

Those babies are sooooo cute! Happy to hear the littlest one is doing good!

Rae Ann said...

Nedra ~ I am sure that you are in Grandma Heaven! All of those little ones are just darling. I love the little hats on their sweet faces. That picture of the baby is the most adorable thing ever! Have a great week kissing the faces off of those grandbabies!

Material Mary said...

Hope the baby is doing better. The boys are just adorable.

Nanette Merrill said...

She is so incredibly beautiful. Well those boys are beautiful too. The hat pics are so funny. I had a little Nanny time this weekend. I am enjoying this stage.

Kim Walus said...

What a scary time with your newest grandchild but, I'm so happy she's doing better. I love the pictures of your grandson's, very cute!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh enjoy Grandma, so happy your little one is doing well!

Carol said...

How very scary for everyone...glad she's better. She is just beautiful and her big brothers are as cute as they can be. What wonderful grandma time.

Dawn said...

How scary! I'm glad she is doing better. I love the Mickey ears!

Live Well With Judi said...

Oh, they are so darling! What fun you must be having. I wonder how they'd feel if you borrowed them and added a little texture magic! I'm so glad that all are staying healthy and things are getting back to some routine. Have so much fun. Hugs