Monday, August 19, 2013

Zippered Pouch Swap

 Saturday was our August meeting for the
This was a 
just be together and visit
kind of gathering this month.
We did not have a scheduled workshop
or guest lecturer.
Instead we requested everyone bring
Show and Tell
 Every month Chelsea Knight leads our group in a Swap
The requirements are posted a month in advance.
This month's theme was
Zippered Pouch's
 Anyone can join in at any time.
Bring your item and place it on the Swap table.
 Each person who contributes draws a number
and in return
 is given a bag off the table.
 This month's requirements:
Zippered Pouches needed to be
at least 4" X 4" 
and must be homemade.
 They were to be made from at least 2 or more fabrics
and have at least 1 zipper.
Other than that, the sky was the limit!
 Chelsea always gives very helpful ideas and links
for patterns and tutorials
There was a lot of laughter
and thank you's
as each participant 
received their pouches.
It helps us get to know one another
and we become better friends
and grow closer as guild members
when we make things for each other.
A lot of attention, time, creativity
and thoughtfulness go into these Swaps.
Next month's theme is
a Pillow Swap
I'm looking forward to 
seeing all of the fun
ideas these ladies 
come up with.


Gayle said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun Nedra!

Unknown said...

I Love this idea about zippered bag workshop. I have been thinking I needed something like this.