Saturday, August 10, 2013

Catena Quilt

 As I was walked around taking pictures at the
IQF Long Beach Show
I heard  a group of women
ooohing and aaahing over
by Timma Tarr
South Hadley, Massachusetts
 "This is a Happy Quilt!" one exclaimed.
The others enthusiastically chimed in 
in agreement.
 Timma wrote
"Catena means 
'a connected series of related things'
 This quilt is my interpretation of an 
Endless Chain quilt from the 1940's
that belongs to my mom.
That quilt is full of fabrics on a white background
and has yellow centers.
I kept the yellow circles, but changed the colors
of the blocks so that they are connected and not random.
 The pattern for the blocks can be found in the
Dec/Jan 2013 issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine."
 I personally was especially drawn to
Catena, because I have a
work in progress
of the very same design.
*I'm in the midst of hand appliqueing 
all of the circle centers :)
 Another reason I love
Timma's design is 
Love those Kaffes!


Sacha said...

Cette réalisation est de toute beauté , le travail est admirable , félicitations j'admire avec beaucoup de plaisir

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love it! the colors and the design

Wendi said...

Both quilts, her and yours are beautiful! I have been fascinated with this pattern for some time, in fact it's on my "desperate to do" list. I'm drooling.

Cardygirl said...

Just fabulous!