Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Are You The First Born Poll Results

 A few weeks ago I wrote a post
The basis of the question 
came from  a lecture I attended 
taught by Sharon Schamber
where she stated that according to her experience
the type of woman who is attracted to quilting is
 usually the First Born
and the Alpha of the family.
For a review, see post 
I decided to take my own poll.
35 left comments.
Out of those 35
25 wrote that YES, they are the oldest in their family.
 10 others responded that 
they are a middle child,
or the youngest.
That means that
71% of the women in my poll are 
indeed the first born in their family,
and 29% are not.
Sharon just may have something here!


Nat Palaskas said...

I'm like you a youngest in my family, but I'm strong and respected by my older siblings. My oldest sister is very bossy and control. I'm a quilter and lovely to have fun. Sorry I'm not fitting in Sharon's theory. Thanks Nedra, this is most interesting - Hugs

QuiltsforHeroesFounder said...

I only have one sister and, like Sharon, I am the oldest. I was forced to be the housekeeper/caregiver for our mom starting at age 3 and loved being with my Grandmom. She crocheted and quilted and I learned a lot from her. I quilt every day!

Cardygirl said...

Interesting result!