Saturday, November 9, 2013

What's For Dinner Exhibit and More

 One of the most interesting 
and revealing things
about the 
Quilt Show
at IQF/Houston
was the diversity in Exhibits.
A wonderful peek into our Culture as Quilters.
What's For Dinner
featured a long beautiful hardwood
 banquet table
full of 
unique and original
quilted "Place Settings"
 Co-curated by Jamie Fingul and Leslie Tucker Jenison
they wrote
"Quilters not only have a passion for fabric, notions,
and sewing machines, 
but also a passion for food!
Whether it's going out to eat or
cooking something in their own kitchen,
this is a creative interest and/ or hobby
in which many quilters take part.
 "We have 'Set The Table' with quilts
depicting 'place settings'
complete with place mat/tablecloth
napkin, fork, knife, spoon, and
a plate full of 
What's For Dinner"
 For me as a viewer,
the interpretations 
looked quite real.
 Yes, those mac and cheese noodles are
made from fabric.
 There were many, many Exhibits
So much more to Quilting than quilts.
Some featured dolls
 Others, amazing categories such as
Wearable Art
 Scarlett's Crimson
by Philippa Naylor
Inspired by the Couture Ballgown Designs
of the 1950's
With a show as big as IQF Houston
the Exhibits become more and more 
creative with each
passing year.

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Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh so much to see! I adore the red dress!