Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kaffe Fassett Exhibit

 One of my most 
favorite favorite favorite
parts of the
International Quilt Show 
in Houston
was viewing the 
Kaffe Fassett Exhibit
I'm not sure how many of his quilts were on display,
(rows and rows)
but it's the most I've ever seen in one place.
And yes, it was my 
happy place!
His use of color with fabrics
captivates and entrances
Notes from the Exhibit:
"The great Missoni family in Italy have the
zig zag as their signature motif in their
stunning machine-made knit wear.
In the 1970's Kaffe worked closely in Milan
with Tai and Rosita Missoni. 
This quilt is a homage and named in honor
of Rosita."
 The Exhibit
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
was sponsored by Rowan for Westminster Lifestyle Fabrics
 Inspiration came from Kaffe's
with Liza Prior Lucy
whom he has worked with for 20 years.
As an artist, Kaffe gives the idea with color and fabrics
and then Liza translates into quilts.
  Kaffe and Liza often take traditional quilt designs
and then translate them with stunning
stripes and shot cottons from Kaffe's fabric lines.
Kaffe commented that he "Goes after color every time."
Kaffe:  "One simple diamond
repeated and repeated"
 On Point Handkerchief Corners
made with Woven Stripes
Alex Anderson with 
did a wonderful interview with Kaffe
during the Exhibit
that can be viewed 
on The Daily Blog


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Nat Palaskas said...

Nedra, thanks for sharing such wonderful collection of Kaffe's quilts. I went all over the place following the interview and Rosita knitwear etc. I might have to get that book now because back in my quilting career I bought some of Kaffe's strips fabric and they are still in the original bag :)
It's time to have a peek at them - Hugs