Thursday, November 7, 2013

MOO-ston Cow Quilt Exhibit

 The Exhibit that made me laugh
the most at IQF/Houston
a Cow Parade of Quilts.
 Friends and students of 
Mary Lou Weidman
"Bovine-Inspired" themes
of her Purple Cow pattern.
Each one was unique and hilarious.
Who would have thought you could dress up
a cow in so many ways?
by Molly Evangelisti
captured Halloween
 Right down to the 
witchy shoes
 pumpkin cow udders
and spider webs
 The Purple Cow pattern
is found in the book
by Mary Lou Weidman and Melanie McFarland
This was the kind of exhibit
where the viewers were
allowed to be noisy.
 There were rows upon rows of 
Whimsical Cows
Bovine Intervention....Cow Pie
they all brought a chuckle.
 Moody Blues
by Laurie Latta
 My personal favorite
COWmen Miranda
by Sue Cresse
With a flamboyant
tutti-frutti hat
 and jeweled leggings.
I almost had to hold myself
back from dancing samba in the aisles.
Mary Lou even recreated
a version of Purple Cow.
brings us right up to current day trends
What will they think of next?


em's scrapbag said...

What a fun exhibit. I love Mary's stuff. I'm hoping to take a class from her next fall at Quilt Fest

Nat Palaskas said...

What Nedra, they look cute - Hugs Nat

Kris said...

These Mary Lou cows are just fabulous!! So cleaver!! I have her book and one day . . .

Needled Mom said...

Mary Lou was just at our guild and taught a class with the Moos. Aren't they a crackup?