Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gilbert Temple Dedication

 Today is a very special day
here in our area of Arizona
A long awaited event.
After years of anticipation
The Gilbert Temple
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
will be dedicated.
 Yesterday over 12,000 youth performed in a 
dance and song celebration...
In the Rain
We live in a desert.
It rarely rains here in Arizona
It's been over 70 days since we've even had a sprinkle.
But, last night it poured buckets
and yet the show went on.
These kids were such troopers.
They have been practicing for months.
Hours upon hours through homework, sports
and other busy life commitments
All volunteered in honor of this great Temple
which will now be in our midst.
I was so proud of their efforts!

And for me personally,
I look forward to spending as much time as possible
communing with God
in this peaceful place
only a few miles from my home.

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dream quilt create said...

What a wonderful weekend you must have had! It can't get any better than a temple dedication. How far from the temple were you before this one was built?