Sunday, March 24, 2013

Apache Trail

 Here in Arizona 
our seasons are a little backwards.
While most quilters in the U.S.
hibernate during the winter months
and get a lot of sewing done,
we spend as much time as possible
playing outside.
When the heat of the summer arrives
and forces us inside,
I will hole up day and night
in an air conditioned room
and spend more time
at my machine.
 But for now, we are 
getting to know this beautiful state
and each Saturday look for a new place to discover.
 The desert wildflowers are in season
and Mr. Cactus asked me to spend the day
investigating the
Apache Trail
 The Apache Trail was once used by ancient peoples
as a path through the
  Superstition Mountains
In the 1800's it became a
Stagecoach Route
winding it's way
along steep cliff drop offs 
and  rugged desert.
 Water is an essential element in this terrain,
and there are several Reservoir Lakes
perfect for boating and fishing
along the Salt River.
We stopped for a 
morning hike
that took us 
above Canyon Lake,
viewing some of the most
spectacular scenery in Arizona.
 For a late lunch we stopped 
at the old western town of 
Tortilla Flat
(population 6)
*although during this beautiful spring weather
the place was packed.
 The Superstition Saloon and Restaurant
is wallpapered in dollar bills
stapled to every available wall...
 ...nook and cranny.
 even the ceilings are covered.
 Customers leave their John Henry
as a token.
 If you sit at the bar,
be prepared to straddle a saddle.
 As non-drinkers, we ordered a
which was patented as a medicine
for blood and skin problems 
in the 1800's.
Now, it's a soft drink with a flavor similar to Root Beer.
 Continuing past Tortilla Flat
the Apache Trail is no longer paved.
 The graded road is dusty
and drops down to the Salt River
surrounded by pristine rock formations 
and majestic Saguaro's.
 The trail loops past the impressive
Theodore Roosevelt Dam
made from blocks of stone carved out from the canyon walls.
I leave you with this quote from 
President Roosevelt
"Apache Trail combines the grandeur of the Alps,
the glory of the Rockies,
the magnificence of the Grand Canyon 
and then adds an indefinable something
that none of the others have.
To me, it's the most awe-inspiring
and most sublimely beautiful panorama
nature has ever created."


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think you and your DH love the same kind of things we do. Nothing better than getting off the beaten track and look at scenery, take walks and photos. Hopefully we can get all needed house repairs and remodeling done this year and get back on the road next year. Would love to spend a winter and early spring in Arizona!

Cardygirl said...

Looks like a great day the pics!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

This country has such variety from coast to coast and everywhere in between! Nice to see a warm and sunny climate...we are still snowed in here in the northeast!