Thursday, March 21, 2013

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Do you ever have one of those days 
where life just feels good?
Sometimes it's the little 
everyday things where you
feel gratitude 
for simple pleasures.
Yesterday was one of those days for me.
 My friend Jackie Kunkel (Canton Village Quilt Works) was in town,
visiting from snowy Connecticut.
We met for lunch with cute Alyssa Lichner (Pile O'Fabric)
These two ladies have met professionally
on line through their quilt blogs,
but today was the first time for them to 
meet in person.
It was so nice just to sit with friends
and chat in the warm Arizona sunshine.
Temps were hovering near a perfect 80 degrees :)
 We had the most delicious food at my Son-In-Law's 
in Mesa
Any day with 
Costa food 
is a good day.
 And then I came home to the most
heavenly smell outside.
The aroma permeated
 our entire neighborhood.
 The citrus trees are in full bloom,
and the orange blossoms
transported me to a visual
and fragrant wonderland.
 We are still picking sweet pink
Grapefruit off the trees
and for months
have been enjoying
freshly squeezed juice with breakfast.
And then, the orange and gold sunset
coloring the sky
above the palm trees
God has given us so many things to enjoy each day.
It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is so neat that you and Jackie got to meet once again.
I love the idea of citrus fruit trees growing in the backyard - it is just a little cold here in the winters for that as I have never heard of anyone here having them.

Needled Mom said... seldom gets better!!! Our citrus is all in bloom now too and that smell is intoxicating!

•stephanie• said...

i can't decide which smells better . . .
orange blossoms
or that costa vida salad.
both are heavenly!

Unknown said...

You are right, it DOESN'T get any better than this!! I so enjoyed your company, once again, and meeting Alyssa. I can't believe I ate that entire salad... it was yummy! Beautiful day spent with wonderful friends!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

DANG! wish I had been there!