Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hexagon Quilts Past and Present

 Out of the 300+ quilts
that were hung at the
Arizona Quilters Guild Show
I especially enjoyed 
the display on
Hexagon Quilts
The very first quilt I made
was a Grandmother's Flower Garden
  and my most recently completed project 
was a Hexagon pillow.
 The Honeycomb or Mosaic shape really is timeless.
 The six-sided shape can be found
in ancient cultures,
and is our oldest known 
quilting pattern.
 The guild set up demo tables
with volunteers
who taught the hand technique
of English Paper Piecing
often used to make hexagons.
 Some of the quilts on display 
were from current collections
and some were vintage finds.
 Every one was unique and beautiful.
 This was the first time I have viewed a 
signed/ memory hexagon quilt.
Good idea!
 The centers of a hexagon 
can be as varied as the 
overall design.
 Each quilt is
quite labor intensive,
 and a good way to use up bits of
scrap fabrics.
 I really liked this vintage star quilt
which is constructed 
using the English Paper Piecing technique
with diamond shapes.
 And a miniature quilt
mixing hexagons, diamonds and embroidery. 
Notice how the embroidery forms
a hexagon in the center
of each star.
Don't you love the extra detail in this piece?
I came away from the Show with
a lot of new ideas for
prospective quilts.
I see more Hexagons in my future.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

thanks for sharing! hexies are addictive I'm glad they have made a comeback.

Janet O. said...

The fifth photo really caught my eye. I have a project just like that which I started over 15 years ago, but never finished--same pattern, even some of the same fabrics. When I first saw that photo I did a double take. Wondered if someone had spirited away my project and finished it for me--I wish! : )

Abby and Stephanie said...

Hexagons are diverse and make such intricate patterns. There are beautiful.

trish said...

I can just stand and stare at the amazing
work these ladies have done. So beautiful!
Your pillow is so cute!! I love it. :0)

Nat Palaskas said...

Thanks Nedra, woo hoo! These are gorgeous hexies quilts. One day I've been telling myself that I will make one. Thanks for sharing - Hugs Nat

Cindy said...

Wow what treasures! Would love to have seen them. Thanks for the photos. I think I can...I think I can finish my hex project!