Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mini Cheesecake Easter Baskets

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter today.
After church services we went to our daughter's home
where she treated the family 
to the most 
delicious meal
of Cuban food.
For my part of the celebration,
I was asked to bring 
 Our family loves cheesecake
so I combined a few recipe ideas together
and made
Mini Cheesecake Easter Baskets
 So easy to do.
 I saw this recipe
The fam does not like coconut, but I 
liked the idea of using 
shoestring licorice for the basket handles.
 Then I saw this recipe for
and combined the idea 
for the base.
 Instead of using the traditional Nilla Wafer cookies
they suggested
for a chocolaty bottom.
First, fill a muffin tin with a 
paper lined cup
and drop a cookie in.
 Mix up a batter 
using cream cheese,
sugar, vanilla and eggs.
 Add a dollop of the cream cheese mixture 
on top of each cookie,
 and bake.
Yes, it's that easy!
 I could not find shoestring licorice at the grocery store,
so I improvised and used sections of
 Pull N' Peel  Twizzlers
 They pushed softly into the sides of the muffin cups and stayed in a bow shape.
I also used frozen raspberries and 
which kept the mess down.
The berries thawed quickly
and were ready to eat by the
time we arrived at our daughter's house.
 Within about 10- 15 minutes,
Mr. Cactus and I had 
assembled an entire tray.
Add a little decorative toothpick
for a fun Easter treat.
These could also be used for
any Spring Buffet
or even 
a baby shower.


dream quilt create said...

Your cheesecake baskets are so cute! I'm sure they were a big hit :)

Carol said...

Those are as cute as they can be. I've made them with the vanilla wafers in the bottom but never thought about oreos....yummers! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

those are cute I have had them with the vanilla wafer but not oreos

PamKittyMorning said...

Adorable! and they look delish!