Thursday, March 7, 2013

Minerva Teichert Art

  If  $$$ and wall space 
were unlimited
I would fill my home with
paintings by
She has always been my
favorite artist.
There is something about her
bold brush stroke style that
just speaks to me.
Christ In The Red Robe
 Minerva was such an interesting woman!
She was an American painter noted 
for her Western themed 
and Christian religious artwork.
She was also a rancher, wife,
mother of 5 and 
grandmother to 35.
She worked the farm
in a small Wyoming town,
took care of her family,
and then painted at night
after the children were in bed 
because, as she said
"I must paint!".
   One day I was sitting next to Trudy Lamb at church
and she casually mentioned she is 
Minerva Teichert's oldest grand daughter,
and has many original paintings in her home.
I almost fell out of my seat!
When I told her of my love of her grandmother's work,
she invited me over to her home.
Knowing how many of the women in our congregation
would love to hear of 
Minerva Teichert's life 
and to see her artwork up close,
we arranged for a group presentation
that was held this evening at our church. 
 Minerva painted over 1,000 pictures
and if I had to pick my most favorite
I would say it would be
Rescue of the Lost Lamb
Notice that the Savior is holding a
black sheep.
When I gaze at this picture 
I see all of us
individually represented
in our imperfections
by this one lamb
being loved,
sought out,
 held closely 
and nurtured 
by the Savior
 I have forgotten the name of
this painting that Trudy brought
but a portion caught my eye.
 I spy a quilt!
 and more quilts!
 Cokeville Wyoming Ward Relief Society Quilters
Minerva Teichert must be a kindred spirit :)
 Many of her paintings 
have graced the covers of our Church magazines, 
walls of our Temples,
Universities, and
Church buildings.
 Minerva was also known for painting large wall murals.
Trudy said she would first paint a small section
like the one in the frame,
as her model.
*the picture of the girl
is of Trudy age 10
Until she went away to college, Trudy was raised next door to
her grandmother,
and often helped with work on the farm.
 We learned that Minerva loved the color red
and always included it somewhere in her pictures.
 Minerva was a woman of great faith,
who felt her gift was God given.
In turn, she gave back
by painting works 
that will teach and inspire
for generations.
  Thank you Trudy for sharing your
grandmother with us!


Material Mary said...

Wow Nedra...this woman is such an inspiration..loved your sharing this post

•stephanie• said...

i love her art, too.
what a wonderful evening that must have been.
i have a nice print of christ in the red robe.
bishop moffat {peg's husband} gave it to me when i was released from serving as relief society president.
i also love her painting of the pioneer lady with two young children.
she is carrying a fabulous striped bag!

amy smart said...

That is so awesome!! Minerva is my favorite too!! She's one of my heroes. I love that even though she was a busy mother on an isolated farm, she used that gift of hers. I think I need a copy of that painting of the sisters in Cokeville with the quilts.

The Stake Center where I grew up in SLC has the original of the lost sheep. I've always loved that painting. When I graduated from BYU my grandparents gave me some money as a gift and I used it to buy that print and have it framed. It hangs in my front hall and I love it so much.

I've told my husband that if we ever have more money than we know what to do with (lol) he can by me the giclee version of Christ in the Red Robe. :)

What a super awesome treat to hear from her granddaughter. I would have loved that!

Jana said...

I wish I could have been in that meeting! How wonderful to be able to hear personal stories of a remarkable artist! Lucky you!

Cindy said...

Wow, what a great evening. I have always loved her works. Did you notice on the quilting picture that the quilt is suspended from the ceiling?
I just finished a fun book that has a quilting theme. Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas. Have you read it?

Kris said...

And thank you Nedra for sharing with all of us!! What an incredible opportunity and how cool is that to know Sister Teichert's grand-daughter!!

Janet O. said...

I came to your blog via Julia's blog and as I scrolled down I saw this post about Minerva--my MIL's absolute favorite. Then when I click to comment I see two good friends (who actually live in the same valley I do and I know them in person--Mary and Kris). I think I was meant to be here. I love this post!

Nanette Merrill said...

I have a Minerva Teichert at my house. I've always loved her style. It is so beautiful and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.......