Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quilters of Trilogy

The Quilters of Trilogy (Gilbert, AZ) shared wonderful quilts during their annual show as they raise funds for 3 local charitable organizations.

Some of the quilts on display were vintage, like this intricately pieced Pickle Dish from Marylou B.
Marylou wrote that her brother-in-law found this quilt he believed was made by an aunt, and offered it to her as a gift.
Tiny little pieces about the size of a finger nail, and all hand quilted.
Ghosts by Susan Hega
I especially liked the fun spider web type border.
Kind of like a scallop in reverse.
Starburst by Vera Dougher
I spotted the Kaffe's from across the room.
Very striking as the large blocks are set against a small black sashing.
Grandmother's Flower Garden by Linda Coll
Linda put in a lot of love and patience as worked for 3 years hand piecing this GFG.
Many of the fabrics were vintage.
Linda shared with me her GFG technique.
Instead of the traditional paper piecing method, she used Stamps By Kate.
The rubber stamps provide both a cutting and sewing line, are quite accurate and can be less $$ than many other methods.


Browndirtcottage said...

Well, I'm swooning over that pink/white one...yes yes.....and what a brilliant idea on the halloween quilt....the border reminds you of a spider web!

I also enjoyed the quilt show in your previous posts....yummy goodness!

Doniene said...

Came by today for a quilt show!!! I was not disappointed!!! I've never really thought about making a GFG, but I really like this one!! And the Pickle Dish - what a treasure! Such fine work!! Thanks for sharing!!

Have a great weekend!

life in red shoes said...

That first one is a stunner!

Crafts4others said...

love the pickle dish quilt, I don't think I have seen one like that before. I love hexagons and always like the grandmother's flower garden quilts.

Northern Deb said...

Absolutely LOVE that pickle dish quilt. Ohhhhhh... would I like to make that one!

Lois Evensen said...

I just love all the pictures of quilts that you share. They are wonderful. So much work, but what a gorgeous result!

Nanette Merrill said...

Of course I loved the pickle jar best. Wowie.