Friday, March 23, 2012

A "New" Way To Hang Quilts

I love to go to quilt shows, especially when I learn of a group who have collectively worked together to help those in need.
Quilters of Trilogy presented their 9th annual quilt show at their club house today, and I was impressed with the dedication of their quilters.
This group of 50 women hung over 140 quilts, with 70 for sale. All proceeds are donated to 3 organizations within the Phoenix area: Sunshine Acres Children's Home, Doves (Late-life victims of Domestic Violence), and AZ Blankets For Kids
I've been to a lot of quilt shows, but I've never seen quilts "hung" in this unique way.
Great idea!
If you look closely, you will see 6 quilts displayed in a round formation.
They are tall, so you get a good view of each quilt.
Peek even closer, and you will notice they are hung on 6 ft. folding tables that have been turned on end, with one leg out for balance.
Most centers and church's have stacks of these tables for use.
It saves having to gather and set up all the quilt racks when putting on a small event.
Another great display idea was to place the quilts over chairs sitting on top of round tables.
Perfectly set at eye view.
Many of the 70 quilts for sale were scrappy, and priced very reasonably in the $100 range.
The left over quilts that do not sell will be distributed to the 3 charitable groups.
In the next few posts I will show you more of the wonderful quilts and projects from the show.


Carol said...

What a great show and an amazing way to hang the quilts...very clever...and it looks so nice. What a fun day!

Janet said...

I was loving the way the quilts were displayed and it reminded me of the red and white exhibit.
We couldn't make quilts for $100 here because of the fabric price, what a bargain.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what great ideas for hanging the quilts. I hate to see quilts being sold for so low of a price - but if you want to sell them a lot of times that is what you have to do.

fiberchick said...

That idea of using the folding tables is really clever...

Abby and Stephanie said...

It's obvious the quilt show folks know what they're doing! Love how they're displayed.

Crafts4others said...

I LOVE all of those quilts! Especially, as they are more traditional and the colors. Great ideas on how to hang them and save space.

Nel said...

I am so thrilled with the comments. Love sharing our ideas. This is our 9th show, and every year we come up with new and better ideas. We have a talented group of ladies. Thank you so much for your blog.

Nanette Merrill said...

Love the quilt show and the display ideas were great. I'm going to remember this.