Friday, March 9, 2012

Cutie Pinwheel

Here are the last of the pictures of the quilts we worked on up at Rae Ann's cabin.

This was a sampler quilt in progress up on Rae Ann's design board.
Eventually there will be sashings with stars in between each block.
Rae Ann spent so much time running around spoiling us, that she didn't get very far on this quilt.
We kept telling her to sit down and sew, but she just laughed at us.
Jackie and Susann even threatened to tie her to her chair.
She laughed at them too.

Rae Ann is a perfect hostess.
Not only did she invite us up to her beautiful cabin, but she cooked, cleaned, and even offered to do our laundry.
(we said no)
She tells the most wonderful stories in her cute little Texas accent, and kept us laughing with for hours on end.
Thank you Rae Ann!
I crocheted her this little scarf as part of my thank you gift for providing a week of bliss.

This cute baby quilt was another work in progress that Rae Ann never got to.
If you want any of these pattern names, you can contact Rae Ann over on her blog Cutie Pinwheel.

She has such an eye for color.

It may be a perfect 80-degrees here in Arizona right now, with bright blue sunny skies, but I would run back in a heartbeat to Rae Ann's idyllic cabin in Star Valley, Wyoming, even if it's currently 18-degrees and buried in snow.

Icicles and all.


Janet said...

Rae Ann must really love having you all there so you must be a pretty good bunch, lol. Her quilts in progress look wonderful and are so different to each other too.

karenfae said...

oh so much snow - I bet the fireplace was going the whole time you were there. It does look like such a great place to be at.
Does Rae Ann have a blog too - I think you have mentioned before but I have forgotten.

Needled Mom said...

It really does look like you had fun, but I'll take the 80*.

LynCC said...

Wow~! Look at that snow! And we just planted flowers in the beds at the front of the house. . . . lol :)