Monday, March 5, 2012

American Jane's All Stars

When we first arrived at Rae Ann's cabin, we all had stacks of of our own quilt projects that we were anxious to work on.
Having an entire week, we felt the excitement of no interruptions, and could feel the possibilities of making great progress on quilts we were longing to get to.
Within a day that all changed.

Jackie sat quietly at her table, working away, cutting strips of Civil War fabrics.
Within a few hours she had made her first star.
Call it Quilters ADD.
Call it whatever you want.
By day 2 none of us could concentrate on our own quilts, and we began hovering over Jackie's work station, coveting her quilt in progress.
Judi represented us all when she said "I'm in such big trouble. Now I have to make what Jackie is making."

What caused all the stir?
All Stars from American Jane's book Quilts for All Seasons.

This is Sandy Klop's version
We all fell in love!
As we came down the stairs each morning, we could see new stars being added to Jackie's design wall.
She will make a total of 18 whole and 4 half stars.

I have always thought of Civil War fabrics as dull and subdued.
Jackie's collection was quite colorful, where the fabrics played beautifully together.

I especially liked the orange star.

Jackie was so patient with all of our questions, and began giving us tutorials on how to make the stars.
She even began sharing her fabrics with the rest of us.
Our other projects were set aside.

Even though it was snowing, with the thermometer registering 17-degrees, we made a trip to the local quilt store in Afton where the ladies purchased more fabrics so they could continue to sew more stars.
These 3 are Rae Ann's.

But, Quilters ADD can work both ways.
Jackie saw me working on my Scrappy Trips Around The World blocks from Bonnie Hunter.
With left over scraps from her Civil War fabrics, I showed Jackie how easy it is to follow Bonnie's tutorial.
Towards the end of the week, the Stars were left behind and Scrappy Trips became the new focus.
We had a great laugh at our flip flop attention spans.

Even though most of us did not finish what we came to do, we all commented on how much fun we had, and how much we learned from each other.
Retreats are like that.


Cathy said...

How wonderful to have a week like that, and how incredibly inspiring!! I have loved seeing the pics of what went on, that is inspiring in itself!! xo

Jen said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing about your retreat! I'm leaving on my first ever retreat in 52 days.... and I'm so excited - I hope I have such fun experiences!

Doniene said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Jackie said...

You know I just love those stars! I am so glad you took close up photos of them, just gorgeous. Funny I have that pattern too! Loved the story you told me today about them. It was so nice to see you and spend some time. Next time I am here, we will have to have a little outing or possibly sew time!!

Kathie said...

I LOVE those stars...going to have to get that book out
ah yes not all repros are dull, nope!
have you seen my flower garden blocks?


fiberchick said...

That book is one of my favorites. The star quilt looks fantastic in every kind and color of fabric. No wonder you all had ADD... So much inspiration!!!

fiberchick said...

Didn't scroll down far enough... Love the scrappy Bonnie Hunter too!

karenfae said...

love the stars - I would have a hard time concentrating on quilting if I were in a cabin in such a beautiful setting with best of friends - I would be talking so much visiting and looking at what all were working on that I wouldn't be getting much work done!! I envy you your group of quilting friends and the close friendship you have.

Nanette Merrill said...

Love them. One of my fav quilts I made. These are great quilts.

Linda C said...

Just having come back from a 4 day retreat with sewing freinds, l can completely understand how one thing leads to another, and shared inspiration can make everyone want to make what you are making. l have enjoyed being a fly on the wall at YOUR retreat!!

Material Mary said...

Both projects are winners indeed. Love them both and would love to make both...

Cardygirl said...

It has been fun "sharing" your stitching break...lots of inspiration!

Sue said...

Wonderful inspiration, glad you had so much fun.

Cindy said...

Beautiful! And a good time was had by all.

Live Well With Judi said...

I haven't had 5 minutes to unpack my sewing supplies yet! Thanks for reminding me of all our fun and that I've got to get back to work! There's lots more fun to have!! Miss you!!

Michelle said...

What a truly decadant week you all had I'm soooo jealous a whole week of quilting. I understand why you all went home with extra projects how inspiring are those design walls!
Now I want to make the star quilt too and the trip around the world and the hexagons and the..........well you get the idea I love them all well done girls.