Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mr. Cactus

This morning I was reading Nanette's blog called "Freda's Hive". She called her husband "Mr. Hive" as a name to identify him. What a great idea. Boy did that get the old brain waves rolling. I went in to my husband and said "Which would you prefer to be called? Mr. Cactus, or Mr. Needle?"
He laughed and chose "Mr. Cactus" because that really does identify him. He loves St. George and all the red dirt and cactus'. (Me, I'm a tree/ mountain kind of woman).
Which brought to mind another occurrence in our home last night.
In our church we try to meet together as a family each Monday night to have what we call "Family Home Evening". It's a time for family togetherness in this busy world. We have lessons on different subjects, play games, have treats, or go do activities outside our home.
Last night was my turn to do the lesson. We only have one child left at home, our 17 year old son. Last night I chose to talk about making good choices in dating situations.
For my visual aid I brought in a dirty old trap we keep in the backyard to catch "varmit". I mentioned how we each have traps or "temptations" going on in our life, and how we each need to be aware of our own personal traps.
For example, in my mature years, I'm probably not going to go out and be tempted to do drugs, but I still have other things I need to be careful of.
Our son Paul is a big tease. He doesn't let me get very far without his funny interjections. He interrupted me and said "I don't know mom, maybe your quilting blog is a front for a drug running business." To that Mr. Cactus replied "It would give a new meaning to the term "Cactus Needle"!
Oh, those funny boys.
There are days when I feel pretty outnumbered with all this testosterone going on in this house.
(as a side note: when I was trying to select a name for my blog site, I wanted to find something that combined Southern Utah with quilting. Cactus=Southern Utah/ Needle= quilting needle).


Nanette Merrill said...

What would we do without the men in our lives??? That is hilarious. Good visual though. I get razzed by my kids and Mr. Hive all the time about my blog and my never ending time spent in my sewing room. And probably yes quilting is a trap!!!

Di~ said...

Yes, quilting is a trap, Great post Nedra. I've loved your blog name and wondered how you came up with it!

Joanna said...

OK that was hilarious - it rivals Nanette's son's scripture he read in Priesthood - right Nanette?! lol! I just noticed that the cactus pic is shaped like a heart - love it!

em's scrapbag said...

Glad to hear I am not the only one dealing with the funnies at family home evening. That made me laugh. Oh the joy of boys, young and old.

Browndirtcottage said...

sounds like a fun family night nedra....thanks for participating in my tell all tuesday question...there have been some pretty interesting answer given.

Aubrey said...

Us Sorensen children have never been ones to let a good scriptural lesson go by without some form of sarcastic comment. So if Dad is Mr. Cactus are we Cactus Jr.s?

Abby and Stephanie said...

When I said to Nanette that my husband could be Mr. Creations she laughed and said it made him sound like God or something. Family time is so very important in this busy world.