Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Back

I'm back. After being gone 10 days on two different trips, I have finally come home. And I've decided I need a lap top so I can blog while I am away. I'm not sure when the $$$ can be put in the budget for such an expenditure, but I've told Santa that it would be a really nice idea to give me a laptop for Christmas.
For my first 3 days away we went to Disneyland for "UEA". In Utah, our educators are given the opportunity to attend workshops for two days in October. The kids are given a 4 day weekend, and it's usually the last fall break before the holiday's arrive. UEA stands for "Utah Education Association", but we like to joke that it really stands for "Utahan's Entering Anaheim". It seems that people from Utah drive in droves to California. From our home in St. George it takes about 5 1/2 hours to make the drive to Southern California. We have tried to guess what percentage of Utahan's comprise the crowds at Disneyland during UEA. Every where we turned we observed someone wearing a BYU or University of Utah tee shirt. We see friends from our current neighborhood, and friends from our old neighborhood when we lived up North. It's like old home week.
This year we went with our good friends Pam and Ray, plus our oldest daughter Aubrey made the drive from Phoenix. Our other children had too many other commitments to join us.

Mr. Cactus, me, Aubrey, Paul, Pam and Ray
Disneyland was dressed up for Halloween.

Entering California Adventure

Mr. Cactus loves Disneyland. I don't think there has been a year of his life he hasn't been to Disneyland or Disney World. Mr. Cactus loves Disneyland so much that when we were first married I suggested he get a job working for Mr. Disney. With an MBA (Masters of Business) in hand he checked out the job opportunities and discovered that everyone starts out as a street sweeper. Mr. Cactus decided to look elsewhere for a job, and just visit Disneyland for fun.

Me with my oldest daughter Aubrey


Paul and Aubrey. Paul is the youngest of our 5 children, and he and Aubrey are 12 years apart in age. Despite the age difference they are extremely close. We call them "Paulbrey" when they are together. Kind of scary how much they think and act alike. They can almost complete each other's sentences, and have even created their own language. When they are together they laugh and laugh and laugh. Makes a mom happy to see them together.
Not too many pictures of Disneyland. During the last 15 minutes of our trip, I somehow lost my camera. Thanks Aubrey and Pam for e-mailing a few pictures from your camera's.
Tomorrow I'll blog about my 2nd trip, and where I've been for the last week.


Gayle said...

Hi Nedra - Looks like you had a fun time in Disneyland - I think you've cut your hair a little shorter than when I saw you last - it's cute! Look forward to reading your next post - hope it's about your quilting retreat!
Gayle (in CA for a week)

Di~ said...

Nedra ~that kills me that Mr. Cactus likes Disneyland! My guy can't stand those places, especially the crowds. I guess that's why we go to Montana and Riggins Idaho for vacations! :)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Welcome back! Being from S. Cal I used to go to Disneyland every year. I haven't been in years. I have been to Tokyo Disneyland and that was unique.

Nanette Merrill said...

I've missed you. I'm glad you had fun at Disney. Our good friends took their family at the same time too. Mr. Hive hates Disney. He can be an old grump sometimes but I hate lines so between the two of us we don't go there that much. But it is fun to travel with family like that.

flora said...

I have been wondering if there is an "APB" or a "missing persons" place to go in the blog world when one can't find a favorite blogger for a while. I was starting to worry about your health! I'm addicted, and I missed you.
Welcome home.

em's scrapbag said...

Glad you had a wonderful trip. I'm with Mr. Cactus Disneyland is great.