Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We have tradition in our family that leads to getting ready for Halloween. For 30 years now we have carved pumpkins for Family Home Evening, the Monday before Halloween. It doesn't matter how many kids are left at home. It doesn't matter if they bring friends. Come one, come all, you will find us at the kitchen counter carving away. Of course, we require the perfect ambiance to get the creative juices flowing. I always provide glazed donuts, and apple cider. If it was a snowy evening, I added in hot chocolate. When the kids were little, and there was a baby in the family, we always put a pacifier in the baby's pumpkin mouth. Once the kids were bigger I added in really scary music. (See below). Now Paul says this music is just plain ol' dumb, but he wants it on anyway.

Getting out the pumpkin "guts".

Mr. Cactus and Paul

Only three of us at home this Halloween, but my daughter Amy called and said they were carving pumpkins with the boys. I remember the first year Amy was dating Dano (our son-in law) and he said he had never carved a pumpkin before. We looked at him with astonishment! How could that be possible? He promptly sat down and began working on his pumpkin and carved with meticulous detail. He was in. We knew Amy could marry him after that.
Mr. Cactus made his a "4th of July" pumpkin. Notice the fire cracker nose and the mouth that spells "Boom"!

We like to put candles inside, and then take them out to the front courtyard.

Here are some of my Halloween decorations on an entryway buffet.

Paul came out pretty early this morning wearing his costume as he headed out to school. He's 17 and a Junior in High School, but still loves the traditions of Halloween.

This year he's going as Wesley from the movie "Princess Bride". I think he has watched that movie so many times he can now quote every line.


Needle, Thimble and Thread said...

One of my favorite movies. The costume is perfect!

How far are you from Las Vegas?

Nanette Merrill said...

What a great costume! Ingenious. How fun to see your pumpkin carvings. We haven't done it for a few years but we used to. Then we would toast the pumpkin seeds and put some flavored salt on them. Fun memories.

Carrie said...

I love your tradition of carving pumpkins on Family Night. I think we'll have to start doing that. Cute Halloween decorations. We love Princess Bride at our house too -- great costume!