Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Imble Amble

Last weekend was the General Conference of our church. Twice a year our church leaders give us instruction through sessions on TV. On Saturday and Sunday I was able to sit in my home and get a few more of these done as I listened to some wonderful talks.

As I've been working on these I've decided I want to make all 62 baskets out of Kaffe fabrics. I don't have that much variety in my stash, so I went on line to order some more. Kaffe doesn't sell fabrics on his web site, so he recommends you go over to one of his business companion's site. Liza Prior Lucy owns "Glorious Color" and carries a wide variety of Kaffe's fabrics and books. She allows you to order cuts as small as 1/4th yard. I had fun picking these out. They just arrived in the mail today.

Meanwhile I'm having so much fun with my grandsons. This morning I taught Isaak how to use the elliptical. Got to get these kids tired enough so they'll take their naps!

He's not tall enough to reach the handle bars, but he's athletic enough at age 3 to work the peddles just fine.

Grandma is fun to be with until Papa enters the room, and then it's all about "Papa Papa Papa!" He loves his papa so much. Last night they did the hot tub together, and at lunch time Grandpa stopped his work long enough to play "Horsie". At our house Horsie is called "Imble Amble". It goes like this as you bounce the child in a rocking motion back and forth between your knees, while holding onto both of their hands: "My old horse goes Imble Amble. My old horse goes walkity walk" (Then you bounce up and down faster and higher)" My old horse goes trot! trot! trot! trot! trot! (You keep that up going higher and faster, and then as when they least expect it, you hold their hands tightly, and spread your knees, which drops them down) saying "Boom!" They squeal with delight, and usually beg "Do it again!". Be prepared if you start this game, that you will have to keep it up for quite some time. Even Noah at 9 months laughs his head off when we do Imble Amble and cries when we say "enough".
My husband's father did Imble Amble with the grand kids. Not sure how many generations it goes back, but it's a great family tradition that we played with our children and now grandchildren.


Nanette Merrill said...

what a fabulous idea - love the baskets in that wonderful fabric. So artistic.

Elizabeth said...

I love the baskets. I need to post pictures of my conference project too. I love to stitch while I listen!

Eileen said...

OH yes. My Dad played that with us, then he also played it with my kids. I don' remember that he said any rhymn with it though.. he would just ride us along and we never knew when we'd go falling through!
Those baskets are absolutely adorable. I could go nuts on the Kaffe fabric too.. what a treat for yourself!
Thank you for the cabbage bundles idea. I might do it. :-)