Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Happy

I won't be getting any quilting done in the next few days. That's OK, I've found something better than quilting. What could be better you ask? These faces!
My daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons came in yesterday from Phoenix. The boys will be staying with us the next few days while their Mom and Dad spend some time together in Las Vegas. This is the first time my daughter has left Noah (9 months), and only the second time she has left Isaak (age 3). She is such a good mom. But all moms need a break, even though I have a feeling the boys will handle the separation better than she will. I was the same way when she was little. I remember fantasizing about what it would be like to have a day or two to myself. Then when I'd get away on a trip, I missed my children so much I could hardly wait to return. One time when the kids were little my husband won a trip to Hawaii. We ended up coming home two days early because I brought out pictures of the kids... and well... we scheduled the next flight home.
"Mr. Cool". Grandma bought Isaak a new pair of sunglasses for that St. George sunshine.
How many kisses can these pair of cheeks handle in one day?
Noah loves to crawl through the house like a GI soldier. Man, is he fast! He doesn't want to get up on his hands and knees yet. Just drags his tummy along the floor lickity split. We have been contemplating putting a mop head on the front of his shirt to see if he could get the tile clean at the same time. (just kidding!)
I'd better go. He just disappeared around another corner.


Ricci said...

Well, I think those two little boys are just the cutest guys....well, except for my own grandchildren. Enjoy, enjoy, more pictures tomorrow??

Nanette Merrill said...

What darling grandchildren! Its hard to leave kids when you are parents to get away, but when you know they are loved and cared for by grandparents it makes it so much easier.

Nicole said...

That's so fun that you have your grandkids. I bet they are loving being with you and I do hope your daughter has a fun break in Vegas. You're right, every mom needs a little break sometimes. If for anything, just to appreciate our kids more when we get back.