Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home of the Brave Quilt Project

On her October 3rd post, C. of "A Simple Quilter" wrote of a project called "Home of the Brave Quilt Project". This humanitarian effort provides quilts for the grieveing families who have lost a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. C. of Ohio put out a request for 9 patch blocks. If we provide the blocks, she will put them together in a quilt. Ohio has lost 186 soldiers so far, and not all have received a quilt.
I belong to a small little group of quilters at our church. We meet once a month and usually work on our own projects. But this month we wanted to support our Ohio soldiers.
If you have a desire to help with this project, go to A Simple Quilter's site (see my side bar). I'm sure she would appreciate any contribution.
First we cut strips 3 1/2 inches long. C. requested the fabrics have a Civil War type look, with muslin in the centers.

Ann and Doris. Ann was the main contributor to this project. She made more 9 patch blocks than anyone else. Thanks Ann for all your help.
Lucille contributed all the muslin centers, along with making the blocks.
Melissa did a lot of the ironing for us. Many hands make light work.
We completed a total of 52 blocks, and I mailed them off today. We send our love from Utah to Ohio.
While we were sewing, a few ladies brought show and tell.
Melissa just finished this Halloween quilt.
Ann made this Christmas quilt as a block of the month. Then she decided it just wasn't her taste. She gave it to her good friend Sherri. Wow. What a nice gift!
Sherri still needs to add buttons and embellishments.


Abby and Stephanie said...

Ohio thanks you. I was not aware of this project because I was unaware of this blog. Thanks for sharing. I'll go check it out. Ohio had the only military man, Matt Maupin, missing in action from this war. Recently his body was found and identified. Now his family has closure and he's home to rest. Lovely quilts you shared.

Di~ said...

Great project Nedra. I'm glad to know about it. I want to contribute!

Nanette Merrill said...

What a great project. Everyone loves a quilt. It is a great keepsake. The Christmas quilt is nice too.

Needle, Thimble and Thread said...

I am in Tears! You and your group of stitchers are truly amazing!

When you said you were going to get together I figured leisurely chatting, snacking, eating, maybe a block or two...but 52! Never in my wildest idea had I expected such generosity from a group of quilters that I hadn't met!

Thank you for contributing to this project for fallen Ohio soldiers and their families.

I fumble for words....I just wish I could be there and thank each of you individually and hug each one of you.

Thank you for posting about the Home of the Brave Project. Hopefully the need for quilts will be over soon!

I will post photos of the blocks and each of the quilts as I add the borders and get ready to send it off for quilting.

Love, Joy, Hope & Piece


Material Mary said...

Hi Nedra,
It is a wonderful service you and your group of ladies provided for the soldiers. My husband has recently completed 2 tours of duty overseas and he has mentioned how much the soldiers do appreciate your support and kindness. Have a great day.

Carrie said...

What a great service project. Reading this post and the comments brought tears to my eyes.

Ruthie said...

Oh my goodness Nedra, I am inspired by your story about the 52 blocks for the Ohio fallen soldiers families! It is truly wonderful that we can reach out across the miles to help touch the lives of people we've never met! Thanks for the uplift!

Judi said...

I am so happy to be on a trip with my bestest friends!