Monday, August 5, 2013

Monterey At Dusk Quilt

 When you work as a vendor at a Quilt Show
there is very little time to walk away from your booth.
I took a few moments to run over and view the beautiful
quilts on display at IQF's Long Beach Show.
 One that stopped me in my tracks was
Monterey At Dusk
by Melinda Bula
El Dorado Hills, CA
 This quilt immediately calmed me down from my 
hurrying and scurrying,
and required some time just to stare at the fine details.
I was raised near Monterey, California
and Melinda's quilt gave me a great sense of home.
 Her words expressed it best:
"My inspiration was someone telling me I couldn't 
take the view home with me.
 We walked along the beach at Monterey Bay at Sunset.
I started taking photos as the sun reflected off the water
and the fog.
The sailboats were bobbing in the water.
Seals were barking on the water below.
 A local couple walked by us and joked that I was taking too 
many pictures trying to capture this moment.
They commented 
'Honey, you can't take it with you.'
and I said 'Oh yes, I can'
Little did they know it would soon be a quilt."
 The movement of colors transported me back
to the sights, smells and sounds
of the ocean.
Monterey is a magical place.
Thank you Melinda for your beautiful work.
 One night we enjoyed our own spectacular ocean view 
while dining at Gladstones on the pier in Long Beach.
With the view of the Queen Mary in the distance,
we feasted on the best
Crab Bisque and Fish Taco's I've ever tasted.
The weather was a perfect 75 degrees.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you have had fun, it looks like a pretty nice place - I have never been there.

Sara said...

That quilt is truly spectacular - WOW! I am always amazed and inspired by the creativity of quilters.

life in red shoes said...

Mind blown.

em's scrapbag said...

WOW! the details in the quilt are amazing! Glad you took time to find and show it.

Janet said...

What a gorgeous quilt, I'm glad you included the story behind it.

dream quilt create said...

What an amazing quilt! It looks like a painting, a work of art!