Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Never Sit On A Hawaiian Quilt

 I hope our 
little trip to Hawaii
is bringing warmth to your life
during these cold
winter months.
 Can't you just feel the inspiration
and excitement bursting from the
Hawaiian Quilts
made by
Annette Mahon ?
 Maui Rose
I learned many interesting cultural tidbits
during Annette's presentation.
Did you know that one should  
never sit on a Hawaiian quilt?
Hawaiian quilts are usually made by one person.
They believe the quilt embodies the spirit of that maker,
and when we show respect for the quilt,
we show respect for the quilter.
One of the reasons we do not see very many
old or antique Hawaiian quilts
is because the quilts were often burned 
when the maker died.
 Tea Leaf
Annette often uses her quilts
for the covers of the
her books.
 Annette also shared with us 
the importance of respecting the
Hawaiian Tradition
of only quilting a design 
that has been offered to you.
You should not copy without permission.
It's considered stealing,
In stealing, you also
steal the makers spirit.
 Obake Anthurim
 Annette made this quilt 
to accompany her book
 St. Rose Goes Hawaiian
can be found on 
 Many of Annette's quilts 
 reflect the
Royal Symbols
of Hawaii
 Can you see the 
Royal Palace Vase?
 A miniature version of
a traditional Flag Quilt
 Ku'u Hae Aloha
Annette has been inspired by 
Baltimore Album style designs
and has incorporated this applique technique
with a Hawaiian flair.
Tomorrow I will 
continue on with 
our Hawaiian vacation
and the quilts made 
by Annette Mahon


Needled Mom said...

How interesting!!!

Chartreuse Moose said...

Thank you for another lovely post! All fascinating and fun! Hmmm, the part about burning a quilt when the maker dies is sad...and disturbing...since I'm betting a fair amount of my quilts will only be finished just before my last days! ;-)))