Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hawaiian Quilt Stitches

The Web defines 
Hawaiian Quilts 
"Radically Symmetric Applique Patterns"
 Viewing the complexity of design 
and intricate stitching
that sounds like quite an accurate 
description to me!
 One of the last quilts Annette showed us
as a Grand Finale
was her
Mango Quilt
pattern by Mary Haunani Cesar
Can you see her standing next to this very large quilt?
Think of the pattern being all  in one piece!
Annette said she used 9 yards of fabric
for the top.
The helpers holding each side
commented on how heavy the quilt was.
 In viewing the back
you can see the tiny stitches 
Annette uses for her hand applique work.
 All of Annette's 
Hawaiian Quilts
are hand appliqued
and hand quilted.
She brought a sample board 
she had made showcasing
Hawaiian Quilt Stitches
 I was as fascinated with this 
board as much as I was her quilts.
Such beautiful quilting designs!
 papa'a pelena 
"soda cracker"
 maka moena
"lau halu mat mesh"
As if that is not impressive enough,
several of the appliqued pieces were completed
with the old fashioned embellishment
wai wai moa
which resembles
three pronged chicken feet.
*Many thanks 
to Annette Mahon
for bringing the
Spirit of Hawaii to us
through her examples of 
Hawaiian Quilting
As a reminder, if you are interested in
reading Annette's books
they can be found 
on her web site 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love Hawaiian quilts but I had never heard of certain stitches for them. I have a pattern for a wall hanging but I have never gotten around to making it.

Needled Mom said...

Oh wow!!!! Those are amazing stitches. I have never seen the three pronged stiching done on applique before.

Janet said...

Wow again, I love the quilting sampler too. The first quilt is so beautiful.

dream quilt create said...

The mango quilt is especially spectacular! The quilting design boards re really interesting too :). You always have such different quilts to show your blog readers :)