Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dixie Diva May Day Meeting

We met at my house yesterday for our Dixie Diva May meeting.
Those silly Divas make me laugh and laugh.

As I was taking pictures, I asked a few to lean back so I could see every one's face.

So of course, Jan and Ricci had to make themselves into contortionists.
Those Diva's. I sometimes wonder how we get any quilting done.

Jan K. brought her latest finish for Show and Tell.

A Ginny Beyer pattern that was paper pieced.
Look at these beautiful colors.

Jan K. also took Pam Holland's class and showed everyone her butterfly in progress.

Ricci brought her beetle in progress. There were 4 Diva's who took Pam's class and we all talked about what a great experience we had.

Ricci worked on binding a baby quilt.

She said this was an easy to-do made with a jelly roll.
(cute fabric line!)

Jan J. was binding a Christmas project. Either she's very early for the holiday or somewhat late. (I'm not sure which).

And I'm very proud to report that our very own Pat Peters has been accepted to Houston for her quilt "Birds and Roses".
Whoohooo Pat!! Just to be accepted is an honor, but we know you are going to win!


Unknown said...

You ladies are too funny!! Wow that Jinny Beyer quilt is fabulous! What a fantastic achievement to be accepted into Houston!!

Kirsten said...

What wonderful Quilts..I love that colorful bright Star....truly amazing.

Darlene said...

Oh those silly Divas! Cute!

Lots of talent around that table. Congrats to Diva Pat Peters for being accepted to the Houston show.

Barb said...

What fun!!! Loved the quilts, that beetle looked just too real.

Kim Brackett said...

How funny! That must be a wild group. Thanks for the show-and-tell, and congratulations to Pat!

Kris said...

Wow!! Looks like you had had a great time together!!! and the quilts are wonderful!!! And congratulations to Pat on the Houston quilt show!!

kclily said...

I will be at the Houston IQF so tell Pat I will be looking for her quilt. Congratulations Pat!