Saturday, May 1, 2010

The 1776 Quilt Book

As a continuation of yesterday's post on Pam Holland, I wanted to tell you a little bit about her book The 1776 Quilt, Heartache, Heritage, and Happiness.

With the loss of her daughter, Pam turned to quilting to heal her heart. On a trip to England she came across a book titled Quilts.
"Browsing through the pages, I came across a photograph of an old quilt made by European soldiers in 1776." Pam wrote.
The 8-inch photograph became an obsession.
Pam set out to draft the photograph into a 9 X 15 foot quilt pattern.
From 1999-2003 she journaled every step taken along the way in the creation of this amazing quilt. She put in 9586 hours until the last stitch was taken. Remember she had only made a few quilts before she began work on 1776!

The book chronicles portions from the original photo on to Pam's applique techniques. For thread, she especially liked using Bottom Line from Superior Threads because it comes in many colors.
In studying the history of the original 1776, Pam discovered how the history of her family intertwined with the history of the quilt. You just have to read Pam's book to unfold the amazing connections.
The quilt has traveled around the world with Pam. In the early years it won Best of Show at 4 major quilt shows, an unprecedented achievement for a reproduction quilt.

Pam doesn't ever think small. Right now she is reproducing the Bayeux Tapestry that will measure 238 feet long. All this while she travels the world, quilts, designs patterns and tends to her family.
I am in awe.


Sara said...

I am speechless! What an incredible task.

Janet said...

It is so awe inspiring, I know the Tapestry she's working on will be an historic quilt that will blow us away.