Friday, May 7, 2010

Class/ Day 2 with Pam Holland

Day 2 of our class with Pam Holland was as wonderful as day 1.
First we gathered in the morning to learn about drawing with inks and dyes.

For many of Pam's wall hangings, she will draw a picture with a black ink sharpie pen, and fill in with Fabrico markers that are made of dye.

She gave lessons in shading and color.
This little sketch of a pot that Pam drew within a few minutes. I will have to do a lot of practicing!
One technique if you feel you do not draw well, is to take a picture and then outline the design. (That sounds like something even I could do.)

Currently Pam is working on a very large inked sketch of a Rhino.

In the afternoon, we were back at our machines to work more on our collages.

The final step, once all the pieces have been ironed down, is to outline each pieces in black thread with free form embroidery. I had never tried this before and was a little nervous about how mine would turn out. Pam said she has taught thousands of students this technique and everyone can do it. That gave me confidence! Sure enough, it was easy to do. I will show you more of my project later.
Pam always uses MasterPiece (#50/2 extra long staple, Egyptian -grown cotton) because she feels it is the best quality thread to do the job.

The stitching really makes the pieces come alive.
We had such a wonderful time having Pam as a guest teacher for the School of Threadology. She even promised she will come back next year and teach again.
If you are interested in coming to one of her classes here in St. George, make sure to sign up for Bob's Newsletter. He will announce class sign-ups as the date gets closer.


Nat Palaskas said...

I can see all of you are hanging out to get into action with your mouths wild open! Lovely post Nedra and thanks for sharing.
Happy Mother's Day - Hugs Nat

Unknown said...

Nedra, I have just finished going through all the posts that I missed. Wow!! You have been busy. So where do I start. The pictures of Zion park are just wonderful. I definitely need to go there. Such a beautiful place. Bryce Canyon is also on my list. This class that you had with Pam Holland looks just fabulous. I love the fabrico markers and have used them before. I can see why she uses Masterpiece thread too! Wonderful weight.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

I'm loving sharing these classes with you Nedra, I wish I could be there with you all. Your grasshopper is simply divine, I love the border you have chosen for it. So wonderful xo

Material Mary said...

This really is a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy!!

SewCalGal said...

Very insightful. Oh how I'd love to take a class with Pam Holland. Thanks for sharing.


Janet said...

I'm so envious you got to take the class. your grasshopper looks fabulous. A real treat!

Mel said...