Monday, June 1, 2009

Phoenix Finds

I returned home last night from Phoenix. It seemed like a long drive, and I'm missing my grandbabies already. After being gone 5 days Mr. Cactus was very ready for me to be home.
I wanted to show you a few of my finds from the quilt stores in the Phoenix area. I am really trying to limit myself in not buying new fabric until I use up more of what I have, but sometimes I have to get at least a little piece of a line. Fat quarters fit my goal and my budget.
I must have been in a green and orange mood this trip. I'm getting ready to do a Halloween swap and the orange said buy me, buy me!
I picked up a few reds too. One philosophy out there promotes the idea that colors represent certain aspects of our personality. Red represents power. When we select a red outfit (or red quilt fabrics?) it can mean we want to connect with more of our own power.
Whether it meant anything or not, I could have bought a truck load of all the beautiful reds in the stores, but I was good and limited myself to these few.
My button addiction was in full force. Every fabric I looked at I scrutinized with the very deep question "Would this look good in a button?"
OK, truthfully, can't you just see these shoes on a covered button decorating a bag? I can hardly wait to make a few up!
I think I'm going to have to make a few to give to my friend Judi who has a shoe addiction.
Lots of button ideas that will go well with children's outfits.
I saw button potential in the pink and green flowers.
A few weeks ago I read another quilting blog that recommended putting Clear Nexcare Tape on the back of our rulers. It's supposed to help keep the ruler in place as we rotary cut.
I went out to Target and purchased a roll for less than two dollars.
It really does work! I did cut out some blocks tonight and the ruler didn't slip around, and held it's place.
Great tip!
(*Janet from Quiltsalott said she puts this on her templates aso. Thanks Janet!)


Micki said...

Some really great purchases! Loved seeing it all!

Carol said...

What fun, fun fabrics! I love the Nexcare tape and it sure beats buying new rulers.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Nedra, the fabrics you picked up on your trip are wonderful eye candy. I love bright cheerful fabrics. Well...I love almost all fabrics to be perfectly honest but I always gravitate to the brighter colors. Maybe it does speak to the way we look at life, I hope so. For my friends prayer quilt I chose the more delicate Moda Hartfield collection because I wanted something soothing for her to touch and see. The feel of the fabric is really important to me because well...ummm..."My name is Nancy and I'm a fabric fondler!!!" I love to lay out my stash, and projects in waiting then just move them around, imagining the beautiful things they will become and feel the texture of the pieces. Now, about the tape on the back of the ruler...I have a 'grundle' of that stuff around here because my Scleroderma causes ulcers on my legs, and I use that very tape to hold the dressings in place. So tomorrow...oops...later today (I'm having trouble sleeping that's why I'm up at this hour, been up since 1:30) I plan to try it out. My hands are weak and I need something to help me keep the rulers steady. I've tried the little sand paper disks, didn't like how they pulled the fabric. I've also tried a variety of other items made specifically for that but nothing has worked the way I want it to, so the tape sounds like it may be just the ticket. Thanks for the great tip. Hubby and I stretched 94 feet of new chain link fence yesterday, to replace the one the gentleman took out with his car (hit and run but they got him) the first night we were in Arizon May 14th. Our fence is looking good now though, so maybe I can get back to some sewing soon, I hope!!! By the way, the quilt shop in Sedona, AZ, The Quilter's Store, owned by Patti Krause was like a candy store to me when I was there last month. We were on our way to Lake Havasu (didn't enjoy that area much) and my sweet husband took a little side trip just so I could go to the shop in Sedona. The bonus was the beautiful red rock country they are located in. We ended up spending a night there is was so gorgeous. That is our favorite type of scenery, and there YOU are, living in the center of some really beautiful Utah red rock country. We visit Moab, Escalante, Torey, and down St. George way whenever we can, just to take in the beauty. But we have the Wasatch mountains staring at us from our kitchen window all the time too. Also beautiful. I love the variety of scenery we have here in Utah. Anything from mountain lakes and rivers surrounded by pines to the red rocks and everything in between is just a few minutes or at the most a few hours drive for most of us. Okay, now I'm rambling, sorry about that. I really did just stop in to tell you how much I loved your fabric finds. I hope you post some of the finished projects. Also glad you had a safe trip. more thing, I won Judi's giveaway on Green Fairy Quilts for 12 patterns and got them today. about treasures. I think I may have to make one of her great bags first. Oh no! I'm rambling again. I better go back to bed. Have a wonderful, blessed, day. One last thing, truly just one...if I've told you any of this stuff before please accept my apologies. I walk the floor at night when the Sclero kicks in and after the fence work, it has gone into high gear pain wise, that is why I'm up walking around. It will pass, but it just takes a little time. So thanks for listening to my ramblings. I hope they make sense and I really didn't mean to write a book. **blushing**

Abby and Stephanie said...

I've read about the tape too. I think it's going on my list today. Thanks for the reminder. Lots of pretty fabrics. I think soon your button jar will overfloweth.

Janet said...

Interesting fabrics! I use the tape now and it's great, I even put it on templates so they don't slip.

marie said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting about all the quilt stores in Phoenix! I will be visiting there in a few weeks and now I know where to go!


Unknown said...

Love the fabrics that you chose. Phoenix shops have tons to offer. I have never tried that tape tip. I think I will go get some. Thanks!

Dawn said...

Fantastic fabric finds!! So happy you had a great trip with your kids and grandkids!! I really need to get some of that tape!! I too, have seen it around blogland.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh look at all that yummy fabric, and I am going to try the tape, I even have some!!

Sherri said...

Great fabric finds in Phoenix!!! And I'm a big fan of the tape...I have it on nearly all of my rulers since trying it!

Material Mary said...

Great trip. Great fabrics. Don't you love how these inanimate fabrics call out our name and speak to us?

Live Well With Judi said...

Oh, How did you know!?! I saw that shoe fabric and about reached thru the computer to pet it! Buttons sound like a wonderful idea. I confess to a disorder even more than an addiction! I am so glad my friend is coming up here and I want to take her out to play! Hugs

Nanette Merrill said...

I think Sherri said buy Nextcare tape. I still haven't done that yet. I need to remember that. I loved the green and pink flower fabric. I haven't seen that yet. Buttons are a fun thing to make. I love making them. It is like a treat to sit down to fabric and buttons. I agree fat quarters fit my budget.

Barb said...

I love your finds and you blog...I will be back more often.