Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Olde World Quilt Shoppe

You know you are approaching Phoenix when you start to see the big Saguaro Cactus everywhere.

Some Saguaro's live to be 150 years old. It takes around 75 years just to grow an arm.

The flowers appear from April to May and open up at night.

A few days ago a reader on my blog saw that I was in the Phoenix area visiting my daughters.
Merumo of Pleasentree blog left me a comment and told me about a quilt store that is in Scottsdale called "The Olde World Quilt Shoppe".
After helping my daughter move this morning, I drove over for a quick visit to the store.

The Olde World Quilt Shoppe just celebrated their first anniversary and is owned by sisters Dee Grantham and Whitney Erickson.
Whitney showed me some of the new projects featured in her store.
They really have done an amazing job decorating.
With a wonderful selection of fabrics. This wall had a lot of Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry.
They also had a section with Civil War and wools.

You can view their web site at

This is their current block of the month taught by Cheryl Miller. You can order the kit from them also.
Look at the beautiful detail of the applique.

As I was talking to Whitney, a beautiful woman approached me. To both of our surprise it was Merumo (in the orange top), who had left a comment on my blog! She introduced herself and we marveled that we both happened to be at the store at the very same moment.
Such a small world!

I thanked her for letting me know about this wonderful store. I will definitely be coming back.

They even had some wrapped bags that I am currently so interested in making.
If you are ever in the Scottsdale area, I highly recommend stopping by The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.


Kim Walus said...

What a beautiful quilt shop! I'll have to remember that if I ever ever get to Phoenix. I know I can at least visit their online shop. They only thing you miss online is the ambiance of the store and that's the BEST part.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful quilt shop with us.

Sherri said...

Wow...what a wonderful quilt shop! And it's always so fun to meet a fellow blogger...Merumo has left a comment on my blog as well!!!

Material Mary said...

What a fun day you had. Just love a good quilt store. It raises my "I am having the best time" meter. Enjoy Phoenix.


Darlene said...

That store is the most beautiful store we have here in the Valley of the Sun. I drive across the Valley 70 miles one way to shop there several times a year.

merumo said...

It was very nice to meet you there in this afternoon. I can't believe we were both there at the same time!!! Im also surprise to see myself in one of your pictures. Enjoy the last night in Arizona and hope to see you again some time...

Micki said...

I loved the pics of the quilt shop. I would have loved to visit it with you!

Carol said...

What a beautiful shop. Thanks for the tour!

Vero M said...

It seems to be a lovely shop !! I've been to Phoenix to meet Merumo and she helped me discover so many nice places :)))

Veronique from France !!

dotti white said...

Nedra....Thanks for sharing this incredible quilt shop with us. I would love to go there. Just being in a quilt shop like that makes me smile--have a wonderful week!

Nancy said...

I have not been to every quilt store here in Phoenix, but I have been to quite a few and The Old World Quilt Shoppe is my favorite. Actually it's funny to see your post, because I was just there on Friday.
By the way- I am going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks and am planning to hit at least one of the stores you have talked about before. We'll be closest to Henderson so I'll probably hit Quiltique. Thanks for the recomendation.

Nanette Merrill said...

What a lovely shop. Really open and roomy with tons of eye candy. It should be in one of those quilting magazines. Those cactuses are amazing. I'll have to show them to my daughter, a cactus lover.

Where in the world is Jefferson City, Missouri said...

I love your blog. You keep showing these neat purses, who makes them. The ones that look like they are made from 'Bias tape'
You get to go to the neatest shops. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It's funny you should say that Nannette... Check out Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collections Quilt Sampler Fall/Winter 2009 pg. 110 :)