Saturday, May 23, 2009


I haven't been getting much sewing done the last few days. School's out and I've been busy with "teenagers".

The weather has been in the 90's and we've opened the pool.
Paul had friends over today for a "Get Out of School" celebration.
They played a game in the pool called "categories", listened to music and ate LOTS of food.
These are good kids. They even cleaned up without being asked.
For "Categories" the person on deck picks a category such as fruit. Then everyone in the pool thinks of a fruit they can be, that hopefully won't be chosen. The deck person puts his back to the group and starts listing off fruits. If your fruit is called, you start swimming towards the other end of the pool. If the deck person hears you swimming, he turns around, jumps in the pool and tries to "tag" you before you reach the other end.
If you are tagged, then you become the next deck person.
Paul's friend Harrison has a broken ankle covered in a cast. When I saw him in the pool I questioned him. Out his foot came wrapped in a garbage sack, duct tape, another garbage sack, and more duct tape. When it was time to take off the wrappings around the cast, the only thing that really hurt was ripping the duct tape off his leg. Ouch!
I guess it was a small price to pay for a day in the pool with friends.
Did I mention we also have had the electric guitars and drums going? I'm grateful for nice neighbors who understand.


Cathie in UT said...

Yeah, life with kids is always interesting LOL

You can tell that you have a great relationship with your son as he and his friends don't mind the pictures and they clean up!
What more could you ask.
Hope you get back to sewing soon...I am sure you are missing it.

Carol said...

Oh that brings back such wonderful son (now 30) and his friends spent many hours in our pool, playing that same game...colors, fruits, vegetables, cars, whatever they could think of. So much fun. And my oh my did the go through the food. Great memories this morning, thank you so much.

Micki said...

They really look like they had fun in the pool. I can't imagine temps in the 90's!
Have a great weekend!

Kim Walus said...

That looks like a whole lot of FUN. I sure miss out pool in California.

Have a wonderful holiday tomorrow.

Sherri said...

Looks like one happy group of kids! And they clean, too! Wow! My son had a cast on his hand once (a broken finger from basketball)...he thought he could swim by using a similar covering...when the cast came off...there was mold growing from water that had seeped in! It wasn't a pretty sight! But he still didn't regret swimming!