Monday, May 4, 2009

Vintage Egg Cooker

I know many of you quilt bloggers show vintage items on Monday's. I usually don't join you because I have very few vintage items in my home.
But today I want to play.
This is an egg cooker that I inherited from my mother. I meant to show you this at Easter to go along with the egg themes.

Do you remember when appliances were made out of a heavy grade metal? This egg cooker is quite sturdy and will probably last longer than I will.

The attachment on top has a measuring area for the water. You can move the dial side to side depending on if you want hard or soft poached eggs.

Inside there is a dish for poached eggs.

Underneath is another section just for boiling eggs. You could do soft or hard boiled.
I kept this appliance because it is a visual reminder of my mother. She had eggs nearly every morning of her life, and I watched her use this appliance year after year. You can still see the mineral deposits from the water. Looking at my mother's egg cooker makes me miss her and wish for another simple morning just to visit over breakfast.

Remember when appliance cords looked like this?
Do you wonder what your family will keep as treasures from your house once you are gone?
I'm sure my mother is up in heaven right now shaking her head and thinking "The egg cooker? Go figure. "


dotti white said...

Nedra...I have never seen an egg cooker like that--amazing! Yes, it's interesting to ponder what we will be remembered with. Maybe our sewing machines?! Have a great week!

Janet said...

That's a new one for me, I wouldn't fancy cleaning it but I suppose it just needed the inside dish cleaned. Funny the things that remind us of loved ones.

Dawn said...

Put me on the list of "new for me" too!! They just don't make things like that anymore!!...but I wish they did!

Ruth said...

My MIL had one similar to that and she used it for years. I suppose it got thrown out

Nanette Merrill said...

I remember cords like that getting hot to the touch, too. Our waffle iron cord looked like that and wowie that could burn outside the waffle iron and the cord. My mom used to make poached eggs all the time. She had a poached egg pain for the stove. Ahhh good times. Sigh.

Eileen said...

Yes. I am very sentimental about my mother's things. I got a lump in my throat reading about you remembering how your mom cooked eggs.

Linda said...

I inherited one of these when I was a lot younger and used it a lot. I don't have a clue what I did with it! Probably at DI!!

Sherri said...

I have never ever seen one of these! But I do remember my Mom's pressure cooker which was made of the heaviest metal.