Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finished Baskets

Ricci and I have finished our baskets that we started last Saturday. As a reminder we used the book "It's a Wrap" by Susan Breier.
I like Ricci's more than mine. (Oh, so what else is new?)
She did some couching with Superior Threads "Razzle Dazzle" by Ricky Tims. Then look at the cool cording she placed down the sides.

Mine is very simple, because I basically just wanted to learn the technique. I used some left over scraps of red and yellow.
I really had fun and will be making more. I might even fancy this one up with some embellishments.
Dotti of Apples Quilts and More just did a post today showing her baskets and some really great ideas for gifts.

Temperatures are in the 90's here in St.George. The cactus in Ricci's front yard is in full bloom.
Isn't nature amazing? Look at the beautiful yellow flowers growing right next to the long needles.
I just checked The Quilt Pattern Shoppe web site and they are celebrating their First Anniversary by having a GIVE AWAY on their blog! They are offering a $30 gift certificate. You know what that means don't you? We all have a chance to download quite a few of their patterns right from the comfort of our own homes. Make sure to check them out HERE and tell your friends.


dotti white said...

Nedra...yours is very nice! I posted some of mine today--take a look and let me know what you think! I would love to share some of the rain here with you and for you to share a bit of warmth with me. So ready for nicer weather!

Judi said...

The baskets look great! Thanks for all the info on the quilt shoppe, I will look into it. I am hoping to get to your quilt this week, if not the first of next week. I can't wait to work on it because you have done a beautiful job, it's so nice to work on straight quilts!

Janet said...

I love what you've made with the baskets, and thanks for the links.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Beautiful baskets. I've made woven baskets of reed and rag baskets (wrapping strips of fabric around a dense cording by hand) but never anything like these. Not only beautiful but useful. I have a special fondness for cactus.

Unknown said...

I love the baskets. Wish I could see the thread better in the pictures. I love the photos of the cactus.

Sherri said...

The baskets are gorgeous...they look soo time-consuming! I don't know if I'd have the patience, but I sure love them!