Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dixie Diva Birthday Bash

In our little quilting group The Dixie Divas, we have a hard time keeping track of each other's birthdays. So we came up with a plan to celebrate one day a year together.

Last night we met at a restaurant called The Haven here in St. George, Utah.

Before our food arrived we had some show and tell. Ricci's son is getting married next week and she just finished his wedding quilt.

Look how beautiful this turned out. I know Scott and his new bride Amy will love it.

Pat just finished hand appliqueing and hand quilting a piece for a friend.
Wouldn't you like to be Pat's friend?

Bev is the first one to finish our group project called "Mumbo Gumbo".
Mumbo Gumbo is designed by Pie In the Sky Quilts.
I don't mean to be obsessive, but to be obsessive, notice the fabric wall panel behind our table?
It was decorated with covered buttons!
OH NO!! I'm having visions of covered buttons everywhere I turn.
I had to take a picture to show you they really do exist and not just in my imagination.
Do you think Mr. Cactus would agree to putting covered buttons on the walls? (I'd better not go there).
These women are such wonderful friends.
The food was fabulous.
And pretty.

We have started a tradition where everyone brings a Birthday card to share.
This is the one I brought.

Yeah Divas!
Part 2 of our Birthday bash is that we each bring a wrapped present to ourselves. Last year we kept our maximum amount to $25. This year the Divas voted not to put a price cap. I was fine with that. I opened my present first. I got myself an iron.
Verny opened her present next. She had gotten herself a new sewing machine! Yes, you read that right: A new sewing machine! Verny works for Bernina and this is machine #13 in her collection. Oh my stars!
(Did I mention I got myself an iron?)
Then Bev opened her present. She also had purchased a new machine! You gotta be kidding me!
(By that time I began to slowly slip my little iron under the table.)
Pat bought earrings with diamonds.
(I kicked my iron further under the table.)
Ricci got herself a beautiful new ring to wear to the wedding.
These Divas know how to party.
Margaret got herself new sheets to go with the quilt she just finished.
The pattern is "B + D with Four Patch Chain" by Marti Michell.
She even made matching shams to go with the quilt.
Margaret teaches a lot of quilt classes here in St. George and most of them work around using Marti Michell's templates.
Last month Margaret brought this quilt partially finished to our Diva gathering and I showed pictures on my blog.
I received a comment from Marti Michell herself asking for finished pictures when the quilt is done.
I was in awe. The famous Marti Michell has read my little blog and even left a comment. Wow. This blogging world is really something.
I will be e-mailing these photos to Mrs. Michell personally.
Margaret even does her own machine quilting.

I showed this fat quarter yesterday on my blog and many of you have been asking about it.
I went back to the store today to find out more about the designer.
It's called "Fabric Hideaway" designed by Becky and Me for Print Concepts Inc.


Kim Walus said...

What a FUN group of Divas! I love the idea of buying yourself a birthday gift and surprising each other. I wish I was part of the group. It would be so much fun quilting with all of you. Dinner looks great, too!

Carol said...

OMG Nedra...your group is just amazing. You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of friends that all love the same thing you do....covered buttons on the wall...LOL!

Material Mary said...

What a fun party. Love the presents. I just bought myself a new iron. They are disposable at my house being a quilter. I was so very tired from sewing the last quilt on a crunch that I did something really dumb and had to go buy a new Rowenta. Enjoy your iron. They make great looking quilts...

Jana said...

How fun to give yourself a present at your party! Love the pictures...especially the covered buttons on the wall hanging! LOL!

Helen said...

I am envious.

I don't belong to a guild, and you guys have SO much shows!

Next year for your birthday gift, maybe you should splurge and get yourself something diamond studded!

Such fun. You brought a huge smile to my face.


Lurline said...

What a bash! Happy birthday to you all - hey, an iron? - that's okay! Still haven't been to the shops - you don't believe me about doing covered buttons, do you!
Hugs - Lurline♥

dotti white said... much fun! I think expensive machines and jewelry are overrated anyway...a new iron is well--a HOT item in my book! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Wow, when those girls give gifts, they do not fool around. I would have loved a new iron. Thanks for the name of the fabric, I found 3/4 of a yard on eBay!!!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Nedra, What a wonderful, fun, group of Diva's. Wow, the idea of bringing a gift for yourself is awesome. Ummm...did you ever show them your iron??? LOL, I have been coveting one of those little mini craft irons because I want to try applique and though $37 is a fortune, I have yet to pick one up. That probably would have been my gift to myself. I loved the covered buttons on the wall hanging and can imagine your delight when you saw them. What a great party, Happy Birthday to all the Dixie Diva's. OH, and thanks for the name of the "Fabric Hideaway" fat quarter.

Sherri said...

What a fun party! I love the birthday card and gift idea! And the food looks yummy too...I've never heard of that it new?

Nanette Merrill said...

Those divas do know how to party!! The wedding quilt Ricci made is lovely. I really like it. I have got to get on the stick and start my daughter's quilt. Next year you'll have to step it up from iron, my dear.