Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wasatch Shop Hop Day 2

We've shopped. And we've hopped. I didn't think it was possible, but I think we're hopped out.
Today was day 2 of the Wasatch Shop Hop. So much to see and we loved every minute of it.
A lady named Elizabeth left a comment and asked what a Shop Hop is. She didn't leave an e-mail or a return blog address, so hopefully I can explain it simply here:
For the Wasatch Shop Hop, 15 stores get together each year and organize an event that lasts 4 days. They provide maps between each store, and quilters are challenged to visit each one. You can have a card stamped to show which store you visited. They offer wonderful prizes for anyone who hands in a completed card. There are free patterns, sales, refreshments and just a good time.

I saw this sign in one of the stores. (not the exit!) "Each new day brings another good reason to quilt."
I think this will become my new motto.

Our first stop was Broadbents in Lehi, Utah. This store has it all: furniture, knick knacks, baby items, and most importantly an amazing quilt section.
Broadbents was built in 1882 and has been family owned and operated since that time.
For the Shop Hop their themed block is "The Antique Store".

(?), Laurel, and Flora, three delightful ladies who work at Broadbents.
Laurel said "Just make sure people know WE are not the antiques!
They did bring in a wonderful display of antique quilts just for the Hop.

This was Broadbents setting of all the quilt blocks.
Didn't they use a perfect border fabric.

My friend Janice just won a ribbon at the Springville show. Janice is the fabric buyer at Broadbents and is so talented!

This quilt is called "Omigosh!" designed by Sue Garman for Quakertown Quilts. The double nine-patch is made with 1 1/2" pieces!
I have the pattern, but haven't even thought about when I'll make it.
With all those millions of pieces can you understand why I procrastinate?

I really didn't want to show you any more Halloween quilts, but I just couldn't help myself.
This one hung from the ceiling and was so fun!
They were out of patterns, so I didn't get a name.
The quilter did an excellent job of "reading " the quilt.

Beth and Judi in front of Quilting Cottage in American Fork, Utah.

Next stop: Cornwagon in Springville, Utah
Cornwagon's theme was "The Toy Store".
This picture just doesn't show all the small little details in their setting of the "All Around the Town" blocks.
The movie posters, like the one showing Pride and Prejudice were maybe 1/2" wide.
The red half square triangles in the window were probably 1/8th inch. Teeny tiny!

Fun things all over the store. This is from a Melly and Me pattern.
Sue Spargo had just been here teaching a class. Sue lived in Utah at one point and I have loved following her work ever since.
Sue really knows how to incorporate wool, cottons, beads, and many different types of embellishments into her quilts.
Marianne Michaels teaches rug hooking classes at Corn Wagon.

We had a "Kim Siting" while we were there!
And another Lori Holt quilt up on the wall.

Amy McClelland owner of American Quilting in Orem, Utah.
Amy Smart of Diary Of A Quilter made this cute Vintage quilt for American Quilting. We read each other's blogs. So of course I had to go in the back room and say hello to her.

This is American Quilting's block setting.

Amy McClelland designs many of her patterns in wool.
Again, more Halloween... but I love them all!
**I didn't take any pictures of "Gracie Lou's Quilt Shop" because I was so busy drooling over all their cute bags and quilts. Their store was so wonderful! The owner, Shasta Parry is one talented lady and has just started designing children's clothing. If you are in Utah any where near Salem, make sure to stop by and see their store. The address is: Gracie Lou's, 416 North State Rd., Salem, Utah.


Lurline said...

I can't believe it all, Nedra - will try to get back tonight to absorb more! Wonderful Post!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Di said...

Sounds like fun! But I have to know, who makes the pattern for the Ohmygosh quilt? I want that pattern, lol!

Sherri said...

Hi's been fun to take your tour of the shop hop! I really want to visit Gracie Lou's and American Quilting and all the quilts you've shared!

Freda's Hive said...

so much to comment on! Do you know I missed you at Broadbents by seconds? We were there at the same time and didn't know it. I was getting my quilt from the quilter in the back room and when I got out Flora said "Judi and Nedra just left!" We ran out of the door but you had just pulled away. Darnit! I loved seeing everything from your eyes in this post. THank you for that because I only have tomorrow afternoon I think to get to a few and I can't do it all so I am glad you and Kim make me feel like I was with you. Loved that quilt on the stairs at Corn Wagon. I may have to go down to see that next week. See ya tomorrow!

Helen said...

Wow, I'm out of breath just going on a virtual tour with you!!! You obviously had a wonderful time!

Thanks so much for sharing all your pictures and your view of things.


Material Mary said...

I really enjoyed looking at day 2 as well. Fun shops. Love the quilts. The Halloween embroidered quilt is the one I am working on right now called Hocuspocusville by Crab Apple Hill. It has been so fun to work on. Enjoy the hop.

Kim Walus said...

Hi Nedra, I'm glad you made it back to Judie's safely. It looks like you had a great day and I enjoyed all of your pictures. They funny one of me you could've left out but that's okay.

I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Nanette's. 10am?

Dawn said...

Hi Nedra, I'm trying not to let the little green bug bite me!! What fun!! Love the quilts! Oh, and lots of blogger fun is that!?!

Janet said...

What an experience, so much to see! I loved it all and it looks like so much fun. Wonderful to see the quilts and the deatil on some of them is just wonderful to see. Obviously, they don't mind photos.

Wendy said...

Day two was just as nice looking as day one. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Thanks again Nedra! =-)

dotti white said...

Nedra...thanks for the more shop hop fun! I am loving it!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Nedra, you girls have shopped till you drop for 2 days. Love the tours of the quilt shops. Wish we had a lot of the quilt shops close together around here.
Keep Stitchen'

Josh said...

Nedra, what a cute picture of you with your Dad.