Sunday, February 8, 2009

Threadology Graduate

Yes, it's true. I am a Graduate with a Phd. from the School of Threadology. If you are impressed, well....ME TOO! (smile). I have learned so much from the last 3 days of training by Superior Threads.

If you are jealous, don't be. Superior Threads is constructing an entire building for the School of Threadology. By November 2009 they will be hosting seminars each month, and everyone will have a chance to participate in this wonderful program. The opening of The School of Threadology will be one of the most exciting events in the quilting world. Guess who they have lined up to teach some of the classes? John Flynn is scheduled for November. Other quilt celebrities like Alex Anderson, Libby Lehman, and Caryl Bryer Fallert have agreed to come.
One room will house a wide selection of the long arm's on the market. Participants will have an opportunity to play on each machine while trying out Superiors many specialty threads. (With no salespeople breathing down your neck). This is just the tip of the iceberg. Superior Threads has many exciting events planned for the school.
St. George is the PLACE TO BE!
Quite a bit of the seminar were hands on projects. I finished my purse taught by Annie Unrien.
I wanted to show you a close up of the crinkly fabric on the bottom of the purse. This started out as a regular piece of fabric that was sewn onto a base layer. Once the iron touched it, the fabric began to shrink and pucker. Superior is still working with the manufacturers and hope to have the product on the market within the next three months. We enjoyed working with their "prototype".
Annie also taught us a fun fusible applique technique. Superior has manufactured a thread called "Fusible Web" by Charlotte Warr Andersen. It was so much easier to use than all those fusible interfacing's on the market that you have to trace on and then cut away.
For this technique you first outline your applique design on the fabric.
Next you stitch on the line using the fusible in your bobbin and Superior's MonoPoly on the top. Cut out the piece as close to the stitching line as you can.
Place your applique piece down on the background fabric. Touch with an iron for around 10 seconds. The fusible attaches the applique piece down. You can then tug on the MonoPoly top thread and it will come right off.
Now you are free to use all the wonderful decorative threads for top stitching.
We made a fun little needle case as the end product.
Another class that was offered was taught by Heather on "Color". She has some great suggestions on threads to piece quilts, and also to use in the long arm.

Superior's thread are also used widely in garment construction. Heather brought some exquisite items of clothing she has made with added embellishments.

This garment has beautiful butterflies. Heather attached jewels after the stitching was complete.

It was so wonderful having my girlfriend Judi with me during the seminar. I told her she needed to drop everything and join me because there would be too much information to explain. When we finished last night I asked her if she felt her time had been well spent. We both agreed it was far better than anything we had expected. Superior truly does a Superior job!
Judi's daughter is attending school here in St. George, and dropped by to say hello for a few minutes.
Judi and Jena

Judi at graduation with Bob and Heather Purcell. As we each received our diploma and had our picture taken, we could hear "Pomp and Circumstance" playing gently in the background. Those Purcells think of everything.
Before Judi headed home this morning, I took a picture of the baby quilt she just finished. Nanette of Freda's Hive is in Judi's quilting group, and this kit was purchased off Nanette's etsy site.
I love the minky backing.


Material Mary said...

I'm very impressed with the diploma. Great job!!

Dawn said...

Congratulations of your doctorate!!

Lurline said...

Congratulations - sounds like fun times ahead - a really interesting post, thanks!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sherri said...

What an amazing program you got to participate in...I'd love to be able to attend sometime!

Debra Dixon said...

Impressive is right! Sounds like a little competition for IQF's classes.

Nanette Merrill said...

Thanks for showing Judi's quilt Nedra. That is such a fun baby quilt. I love tumblers. I LOVE the pic with Judi in her graduation hat! She's so fun. What a good sport. I will need to stay with my sister one of these days and go to those classes. Thanks for keeping me up on what is going on in the land of Dixie.